A Spring Clean :: 8 techniques on how to eat

Let’s talk about what to eat, shall we?

First disclaimer, which I’m guessing you probably won’t read: what foods feel good/bad is highly individual. Which means that how eat may or may not feel right for you. Because, we react differently to different foods, and listening to our bodies is the doorway for everything [business-growing, weight-losing, joy-finding, purpose-following, significant-other-discovering] so please never blindly follow anything when it comes to food!!!! Unless, blind-following is your thing.

A Spring Clean!

A Spring Clean is my next live program! Taaaaaa daaaaaaa.

I’m a test bunny for A Spring Clean, applying what I know and suspect to myself. So, I’ve been cleaning stuff out everywhere. Mission Control [an occasional name for my office], closets, basement, file cabinets, kitchen cupboards. My diet!

For anyone who wants anything in their lives to change. Improve, transform…

Even if you’re not sure you’re ready.

A Spring Clean starts small. Negotiate past stuck. Learning from uncomfortable feelings that come up (in a way that’s fun), and start by setting a foundation.

Without the small, internal work, A Spring Clean is painful. Lots of forcing it. Gross gross gross. Not interested.

Let’s keep this simple.

A Spring Clean is like magic! Possibilities!

You leverage the still, quiet space that is winter into the flowers of spring.

Second disclaimer, and this time, read this one: flowers don’t grow out of butterfly-rainbows. Not on planet Earth. In the words of someone whose name I cannot spell and always mispronounce,

flowers grow out of garbage.

Which is not literally true, because garbage is often not biodegradable and nothing grows out of that.

But it means that there is treasure to be found when you {process + release} stuff. The treasures live underneath. I explain that treasure-underneath-business step-by-step here.)

Besides, {process + release} doesn’t have to be intense, serious and traumatic. We use our superpowers to {process + release} through ease.

There’s enough trauma without adding any more, thank you very much.

Spring Cleaning the Body!

A Spring Clean, when it’s happening in The New South, will *always* include your hot bod.

Clean out your body, change the rest of your life, too.

You’ve got five elimination systems (sweat, exhale, tear ducts, mucus, the potty) to let go of the stuff you need to release. Let’s keep them moving, through these handy how-to’s.

  • Try not to eat right before bed.

I feel like someone’s nagging mother saying that.

Reasons: Sleeping [equals] fasting. Your body does not expend energy digesting food, and can do all of the other stuff your body needs to do to keep your junk healthy. In brief, the poor air quality, the power sources all over our modern lives, the cleaning products we (inevitably) inhale — it’s stuff our bodies can handle, if our bodies are permitted space to do its work [sleep time].

  • Start your day with lemon water.

Your body spent 7 to 9 hours collecting waste, last night. Let’s get it out of our systems, shall we?

That’s why I start my day with lemon water. Hydrate, and help the digestive system to get moving.

  • Wait until you’re hungry to eat.

The age-old adage of eating as soon as you get up is no good (not for me, at least, and there’s a whole school of research/nutritionist-ey people, who support this camp). You’re prematurely terminating the time your body is given to tend to its important work. If you are hungry, your body will tell you.

  • About that digestive system moving…

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: eliminating waste happens five ways:

  1. exhale
  2. tear ducts
  3. mucus
  4. sweat
  5. the potty!

Maximizing and prioritizing these five systems, at least sometimes, supports a clean system. A clean system [equals] an energized system, ready to handle whatever may come.

If you add just a few practices to support your elimination, you can transform your health. And, lose excess weight effortlessly.

Junk in your body [equals] junk in your trunk (not necessarily a bad thing!), and junk in your life (probably a bad thing).

Some say that toxins, as they are called, live in your fat cells. Your body does this to keep them away from your vital organs. That can contribute to stubborn weight loss problems — the fat won’t go if the toxins are still there.

So, supporting elimination? Toxins get gone! And, excess weight falls off.

  • Repeat after me: breakfast is a green smoothie.

This is the only time I’ll get close to telling you what to eat. Do what you like, but try a green smoothie every morning for a week and tell me you don’t feel like a new pair of shoes. Which is a good thing?

Personally, though, I could not be more sick of hearing about green smoothies. If people would please just shut up about green smoothies!!! We get it!!!

That said, you need to have more. Daily. It’s easier to absorb nutrients from a smoothie, easier to digest, and you ingest a ton more veggies and fruits in a lot less time.

You can make them ahead and freeze them!

I have a smoothie almost every morning, because:

  1. it’s delicious!
  2. it’s easy to prepare;
  3. I ingest so much spinach or kale, and fruits, that I meet my quota for the day before the day’s even started.

Eating greens, first [equals] huge health bonus points.

  • Eat a big salad before eating meat or grains or legumes (or dairy, if you eat dairy).

That’s because our bodies have to work a lot harder to digest grains, despite the fiber, because it’s a more complex food. Same with legumes, a.k.a. beans. And meat? It just sits there. There is nothing in it to pass it along. 

So just eat some salad beforehand, and your system keeps running along.

There are some foods I (virtually) never eat.

Dairy is … complicated.

Digestion-wise, it’s an embargo. So there’s that. There’s also stuff around how it may lead to cancer. Yikes-a-rama.

All dairy (surely!) is not created equal. But, I don’t love dairy anyway, so it’s no skin off my back to cut it out. Do with the cheese as you please.

Gluten, the villain of our time.

This conversation’s been had, and I’m not getting into this debate. All I know is I have more energy and feel better when I avoid gluten. Test the hypothesis. If you feel like it.

I’m soy glad you’re here! That said: soy-long.

There’s also stuff around the estrogen in soy, and how it adversely affects our hormonal balances, pre-menapause issues, lowering men’s testosterone… I just don’t go there.

Maybe bad? [equals] I don’t eat it! For the most part.

To be clear: I have NO interest in learning more about these foods, or having a debate, or being told I’m a facist soy-hater. I’m offering one way to eat that works very well for me in A Spring Clean kind-of-style. Take it, or leave it.

I like you, either way.

And that’s all! For now.

A Spring Clean, which has it’s own soundtrack, and theme song, AND [sort of] music video, is palatable, and elaborates on sneaky clean-out-the-body practices we can play with to make way for spring flowers.

Plus, space-clearing-out! OH, the relief. And, internal-space-making! OH, the freedom.

If I could, I’d spend a day with each person who does the program and we’d get that closet and bedroom and living room feeling you-ish, we’d get your mind all straight and free, and that body feeling so right! So (energetically) light!

Wait — that is what I’m doing. Power to the people!!!

Join A Spring Clean now and enjoy an baby (early) bird discount.



  • Excitement for spring flowers!
  • What’s the hardest thing about spring, and/or spring cleaning? The best thing?
  • Please do share your favorite smoothie or juice recipes. Maybe I will, too.
  • Please no advice, even though I’m sure well-intended, this is not the space for it.

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