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Master Certified Life Coach. RYS-200 Yoga Instructor. Published author. Teacher.

About Laurie + The New South

Women and men heal their relationship with their bodies here through workshops, retreats, and online classes that offer a refreshing set of ideas and practical steps to come home to our bodies, heal our eating, and show up in our lives.

Because healing our relationship to our bodies is vital to feeling at home in our own skin and in all aspects of our lives.

After a successful career practicing law at a top-tier law firm in Manhattan, Laurie woke up to find the ecology of her life way out of whack: work dominated all, health was a second-thought, and relationships sat in the way-way back.

The gold ring of partnership began to look more like a gilded noose. So, Laurie walked away from her law career to found The New South.

Here, at The New South, we come together to explore how to live a meaningful life of service that also allows for fun and frivolity, marriage and motherhood, honesty and authenticity (particularly in a culture not at all receptive, historically, to strong women or equal rights for all).

We learn how to reconcile expectations of us with our true selves. We practice allowing and maybe even living out our deepest desires. We discover the value of safe people in our lives and experience soul-friendships. We find the resources we need to walk the path we were born to make.

We make the path by walking; by walking, we make the path.

Inquiry Yoga is a crucial to all that we do, here.

Ten years of working with groups and one-on-one with countless women and men to find their path through finding their way home to their bodies and themselves allow Laurie to lead the work we do at The New South, as well as her studies and trainings:

  • MBI Life Coach Training
  • Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training
  • All works by Michael Singer
  • Executive Coach Training
  • RYT-200 Teacher Training
  • All works by Byron Katie
  • Two decades of regular yoga practice
  • Women Who Run with the Wolves
  • Shiva Nata (The Dance of Shiva) Teacher Training
  • Yoga Coach Teacher Training 
  • The work of Rob Bell
  • A healthy obsession with stand up comedy
  • Money Coach Training

In sum:

we come here to learn

how feel at home in our own skin and bodies


how to navigate our lives through our own unique guidance systems

To find the love, beauty, satisfaction, depth, success, purpose, belonging, the meaning that we’ve been searching for, all of this time, is the greatest journey of our lifetimes.

Join the journey.

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Join the conversation about purpose, self-acceptance, nurturing ourselves, living honestly and permanently releasing everything else that is no longer working in our lives.

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Proud founder of The New South.


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