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Master Certified Life Coach. RYS-200 Yoga Instructor. Published author. Teacher.

About Laurie

For the past seven years, I’ve taught hundreds of women the ability to honor their bodies by physically and emotionally healing their relationship with their bodies. I teach workshops, lead retreats, teach online classes, and blog and write articles for various publications about how to feel at home in our bodies, with our food, and in our lives.

Because healing our relationship to our bodies is foundational to loving ourselves and leading a rich life.

I should know.

I started out working very hard to succeed at school, at home, in the church, with my friend groups, in my family, at work, everywhere. I hustled all over the place without realizing that any other way of operating could possibly even exist. The people-pleasing drove all of my decisions. I made choices to make my family happy, my bosses happy, my professors happy, the lady checking me out at the grocery store happy… seriously.

I didn’t realize it, but the reason I never felt as wonderful as I thought I should when I made all of these people happy was simple: I was missing out on the heart of life.

A piece of me felt deeply out of harmony with the ecology of my life.

And that piece, like all over-achievers and people pleasers is the most important piece: it is the piece of us that is who we truly are. Our core.

After a giant amount of soul searching and a disgusting number of certifications (Life Coach Training, Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training, Executive Coach Training, RYT-200 Teacher Training, Money Coach Training, Shiva Nata Training, Yoga Coach Training – and more), I realized the truth:

Though this is wayyyyy over-quoted, I finally saw that what I’d always been looking for was within me the entire time.

The same thing is true for you. I feel my job is simply to show you how to find what you’re looking for within yourself, to uncover the skill and strength and knowledge you already possess.

One way I teach this to my people is through Inquiry Yoga.

In sum:

my people come to me to learn

how feel at home in their own skin and bodies


how to navigate their lives through our own unique guidance systems

To find the love, beauty, satisfaction, depth, success, purpose, belonging, the meaning that we’ve been searching for, all of this time. Simple, and yet not easy, right?

That’s how we find our true path, our brightest self + our tribe.

I share my various sundries on my blog, my podcast, my articles, and my upcoming book, Soul Food.

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