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About Laurie + The New South

Women and men come to The New South to find renewed health and creative vitality, to unlock the driving purpose for their lives. Through workshops, retreats, and self-study programs, The New South offers a refreshing set of ideas and practical steps to come home to our bodies, find our deepest desires and our lives’ central axis, and to transform ourselves to feel at peace in our own skin.

Imagine waking up each morning with creative energy, focus, and joy.

To bring the most radiant dreams to life, whether those dreams be finding freedom in our lives by putting to rest a life-long struggle with body image, and eating, or creating a sustainable environment for work, family and self-sustenance, we learn to rule our kingdom from the inside out.

Through practice and play, The New South offers in-roads to unlock the lush inner world required for us to release even the oldest and most rigid habits that keep desires from becoming reality.


The New South was born out of Laurie’s own transition from successful Manhattan attorney to creative entrepreneur and writer.

An associate at a top-tier law firm in New York City, Laurie found the ecology of her life way out of whack. Despite her best efforts to fit in relationships, exercise, and all of that “work-life balance” stuff that a person is supposed to do to be happy, nothing seemed to result in a life that felt right. Work still dominated way more time and bandwidth than felt appropriate. Health was an afterthought, and relationships had virtually no room to grow.

As the gold ring of partnership began to look more like a gilded noose, Laurie walked away from her law career to write her blog, teach what she’d learned along the way, and continue to unfold, with many, many bumps along the way, a creative life with a larger purpose (that’s financially viable).

Through this bold career change, The New South was born.


Today, a Boston Terrier, a husband and a toddler later (in that order), Laurie continues to create works for finding the road home to ourselves and peace in our own skin.

Join the journey.

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