The people that I work with (and, is that you).

I absolutely love the people that I get to work with. My people are smart and funny and quirky and fabulous

Because everything isn’t for everybody (obviously), you can be all of those things, too, and working together may not be right for either one of us. And – that’s okay! You are still welcome here, and we can meet up later on the blog.

Here are some traits that are common with the people that I tend to work with. READ ON, IF YOU DARE!!! (kidding, it’s not scary).


Above all, my people are kind and compassionate. Like, really decent human beings.

The people that I work with completely crack me up. You don’t necessarily consider yourself a ‘funny person’ but you totally laugh with your friends, and to yourself, all the time.

You already work on your stuff, in ways that can be many and varied.

  • Manners include: yoga, writing, other courses, reading, working with people who are ‘experts’ (gross word, sorry) at helping with stuff, etc.

You tend to be very intuitive. As in: you’ve always considered yourself someone with very good instincts. Not that you’ve always listened to them, which is of course completely understandable.

You may be a fellow aesthete (I’m totally one to surround myself with beauty! Makes me so happy; I’ve been told it’s a Libra thing?).

You are an art lover. This can mean the narrowest definition of art, like on a wall, or it can mean any other things created: cool and thought-provoking books, movies or TV; other visual media, of any kind; music; dance; or – ANYTHING ELSE THAT’S ART (existentially question: what isn’t art?).

You consider yourself a very open person. You have your thoughts and opinions, but find it interesting to hear other perspectives and experiences.

You love my extremely quirky, and insanely adorable dog, Roscoe! And – I love your dog, too.

(You might be curious to know a little more about me. Go here to learn more about who I am.)