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Building vitality and beauty from the inside out.

The short version.

The New South trains groups and individuals in the mind-body perspective combining yoga, coaching and live foods to heal our bodies, our lives and our planet.

Eating and food relationships offer our deepest in-road to our lives’ true purpose and our unique contribution to the world, while building vitality and true beauty from the inside out.

Laurie offers talks and experiences for corporations and wellness gatherings on whole health, social entrepreneurship and holding fast to our lives’ purpose through our relationship with our bodies and food.

The longer version.

Laurie hustled through law school to the partnership track at a Manhattan-based law firm. After years working on Mergers and Acquisitions, the excitement of working on giant Wall Street deals could not compensate for a lack of a greater purpose and contribution. Life felt too short to breath recycled air for eighteen hours per day.

So, Laurie returned to what she knew for sure: food and the body.

But, in order for this dramatic career change make any sense at all, there’s a piece of Laurie’s history that we have to cover.

Early in her college years at the University of Virginia, Laurie found herself completely adrift. The struggle to find direction at school, with friends and in relationships was incredibly real. Questions like:

  • what do I want in life and school?
  • what am I okay with/not okay with?
  • what are my top priorities?
  • what’s the point of it all? 

felt out of her reach. In earlier years, a sense of direction, purpose and genuine authenticity defined Laurie, so this inability to find internal direction was like standing on the edge of an abyss, and then falling into it. Taking this lost and sinking feeling to the mat, Laurie confided in friends, sought guidance with counselors and spent serious time soul-searching during hikes in the Shannondoah Valley.

While resources like wise counsel and nature returned her to herself in the past, nothing worked now.

Months were passing and this free-fall feeling started feeling incredibly scary. Out of nowhere, maybe an answer to pleas for guidance, in a casual conversation with a new friend, Laurie found the rope she would use to pull herself back into the sunlight.

“What if I just at what I wanted, when I wanted, no matter what I really even thought about the food or what I should or shouldn’t do?”

This friend lay on the grass, pondering a seemingly-random idea about eating. Not trying to eat “healthy,” not following a “diet,” not rebelling against diets, and not eating “mindfully.” This was the thread of something different. And it gripped Laurie so deeply that she forsook mirrors for 40 days to reconnect to how her body felt about eating, and as a by product, to reconnect to how her body felt about everything. 

These 40 days anchored Laurie to her sense of direction and purpose, began a deep and lasting healing process with her relationship with eating, and unlocked a discourse with her body unlike anything else every had or ever would.

This process supported clarity around her all of life and every decision, and she returned to this powerful experience when realizing that a career as an M&A attorney crushed her soul.

Back to the dramatic career-change.

Laurie left her traditional career path as an attorney at a very prestigious law firm to see if she could hack it as a professional listen to your body and eat what it says person, whatever that profession is actually called. Leaning into a practice of true health to see where it might lead, she got certified as a life coach at night as a way to make whatever she was trying to do “official,” graduated, quit her job, and began a blog and online business back in 2009. She started out offering courses to support others to heal their relationship with eating and body, adding classes on changing careers, navigating transitions, honing personal style, and more.

Through this flying leap, Laurie created the New South.



Together with the New South Community, Laurie writes articles, teaches classes and speaks publicly to illuminate a road home to our bodies and ourselves.

Join the journey.

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Credentials include:

Written and featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, elephant journal, Yoganonymous, Elle Magazine, Escape from Cubicle Nation, and Bespoke Magazine, Laurie’s mission for The New South is to advance our deepest connection to ourselves through healing our relationship with our food and our bodies.

  • Executive Facilitator, certified by Hildebrandt Consulting
  • Master Certified Life Coach and Mind-Body Facilitator
  • E-RYT-200 Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer for RYT-200 Yoga Schools
  • Master Life Coach Trainer for Life Coach Schools

Additional background on Laurie:

  • Undergraduate degree in English with honors from the University of Virginia
  • Law degree with honors from the University of Texas School of Law
  • Former M&A associate at Simpson Thacher and Bartlett in Manhattan
  • Mom, Friend, Wife
  • Juice addict, Tea snob, Wannabe Gearhead

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Proud founder of The New South.


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