Announcing GLOW PORTER :: beauty snacks for glowing skin

It’s pretty surprising. But, here we are!

Amelie and I have spent most of her 4 (um… how is she that old?!?) years on earth experimenting with superfood concoctions in the kitchen.

We love LOVE sharing the experiments and the health with our friends and family, which brings me to today’s announcement:

We are offering a very soft, mini-launch of beauty snacks – that are legitimately yummy and incredible for your skin called.

Glow Porter

beauty snacks for glowing skin.

Our little store is here.

A fresh menu of snacks is available to order each Monday, sales close Tuesday nights.

And in case you are curious, keep reading to find out what else we’ve been up to for the past (*cough*) year?? more?? since my last big announcement.

Honestly, I know it sounds cliche, but where does the time go?

When I lived in Atlanta, I had a lot of support with staying in touch with you. You see, Amelie’s nanny – who we still miss, daily – also acted as my social media designer and that made it pretty effortless to stay in touch at least semi-regularly. She held me accountable to weekly or monthly updates. Fast-forward to our big move to Charlottesville, Virginia, and the communication side of The New South pretty much unraveled.

But, not without good reason. For starters, I was living in a rental house (adorable, and tiny) with my then-two-year-old, my husband still worked in Atlanta, I was managing a renovation for our new home, all without childcare support or a deep network of friends. It was actually kind of a special, cocoon-like time for Amelie and me. Walking to restaurants and swimming by the park, days were slow and sweet.

We are more settled now. But how have you been doing? Drop a line?

How are we liking Charlottesville?

We love it.

I meet new people each week. It’s such a beautiful part of the country. I’m biased sense I went to college here, but UVA is routinely voted like top-five beautiful places to attend college. I miss Atlanta friends and occasionally Atlanta shopping, but there’s email/text/internet for that.

(Also, the yoga here is seriously good.)

And ever since we moved, Amelie and I have been cooking up a storm.

We quickly made a reputation for ourselves at school for juicing and smoothies. And of course, our zany, yummy, crazy snacks.

We’re constantly handing out treats for friends to sample. The encouragement to launch this side hustle has been overwhelming. And — Virginia law has a carve out for home production for the types of foods I make.

Stars aligned! We are launching Glow Porter.

I feel really lucky.

For now, Glow Porter is a Virginia-based company, meaning we produce and deliver only in the state. But definitely reach out to me if you’re interested in Glow Porter’s beauty snacks… you never know when Glow Porter could grow!

That’s all I have for now. Amelie is taking her afternoon nap and I need to go start our Sea buckthorn muesli, as one makes on Monday afternoons and all. Wink-wink.

Sending <3 + beauty,


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