Learn what’s most beautiful about you.

What’s the difference between feeling beautiful, and looking beautiful?

That moment when we feel connected to something bigger than we are. When inspiration finds us. When we feel hope and feel love.

That is the moment that we feel beautiful.

Does my hair look nice or is my outfit flattering? Not sure. Don’t get me wrong – I love when my hair looks nice. I love when my outfit flatters me.

But looking beautiful is nowhere near as powerful as feeling beautiful.

We have the right to feel beautiful. 


There’s something about Mexico that’s important for us to know: In Mexico, people eat a lot of corn.

One statistic I read stated 40% of a typical Mexican’s diet is corn. In America, we eat more grains and bread than tortillas or corn kernels. And yet – Americans at a cellular level test to consume more than twice the amount of corn consumed than Mexicans at a cellular level.


The reason is simple (and disgusting): corn sneaks into so, so many foods that we eat. “Mystery ingredients” like xanthum gum in cereal (even in Whole Foods brand cereals) and breads are corn derivatives. Sugar is actually corn when it’s “corn syrup.” Beyond processed foods, even meats in America molecularly contain corn: cows and chickens and pigs are fed corn and when we eat them. Historically, these animals don’t graze off corn but grass, acorns, and seeds. What they eat changes what they are. Since we’re actually ingesting what they’ve consumed (at a cellular level, the corn is still discoverable) it’s upping our corn intake hugely.

The chicken fingers are triple-corned (corn filling, corn breaking, corn in the oil for frying). And corn in the ketchup we dip them in.

The big problem is that we have no idea that foods we think are healthy have hidden foods with real effects to our bodies and our health.

We have the right to eat the foods we think we’re eating. 


I remember the day after I took my first baby home. His name is Roscoe, and he’s a Boston Terrier.

He pooped in the house. He peed in the house. And he kept barking at me, waiting for me to do… something. What? What IS it?? He would run around the living room, jumping and barking and running in circles. What is this madness?!

Well, it took a few google searches to find the answer.

But it’s obvious. He was trying to bait me into playing with him.

We lose the space in our lives to play at a pretty early age. But the thing about playing is that it is crucial for a fulfilled life. While we see it as “silly” or “embarrassing, or possibly at best “nice to do if you have time” it’s actually, as my dog demonstrated, fundamental to how we best learn, how we find happiness, and how we navigate a fulfilling life.

Roscoe was born knowing how to play, and so were you.

Our emotional state begs us to rediscover play.

The right to play is the right to feel alive while we’re still living.

We have the right to play.


Elevate to know your rights, own your rights, express your rights.

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