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The Secret to Quick + Easy Packing For Your Whole Family

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As I’m writing this, I’m about to embark on a 400-mile road trip with my daughter. I spent most of last night and this morning packing clothes, diapers, shampoo, the favorite flowered shorts, the sound machine… a LOT of stuff for us two. When provisioning for a big trip, like this one, I typically feel anxious as I walk around the house with my packing list which I add to as I remember even more items to include (my very favorite pillow, her very favorite spoon with a handle shaped like a rabbit). My nervous momentum originates from a belief: I’m responsible for remembering every tiny item that we might possibly need.

But this time while packing, I felt peaceful. Why?  Read More

How To Be Here.

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We are so uncomfortable in our own skin, that we don’t even know that we are uncomfortable in our own skin.

Speaking of skin, I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I have majorly struggled with my baby’s super-sensitive skin.

(More on our own discomfort in a second. This story is relevant – promise.)

First, it was the cradle cap (which is really just eczema) in month-one of my daughter’s life on this planet. Then, she developed dry skin on the back of her arms during month-two of being here. And, starting in month-three and up until today, which is roughly month-twenty-three, she’s had near-constant diaper rash.

I’ve gotten rid of this diaper rash at least fifty times through various concoctions.

It always comes back within one week.

She’s even leaving diapers behind and wearing underwear these days. Yet, the diaper rash somehow is only getting worse.

The war against diaper rash goes on with no end in sight.

Until, today. Read More

Don’t Hold On To Me.

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In life, we have graduations and we have divorces. And both break our hearts.

A graduation is a natural ending. When we allow the season of a life to play itself out, and then we exit. Like when a child is ready to go to school, and we allow her to. She graduates from being at home.

A divorce happens when we’ve clung to far too long. When we don’t want to move on with our lives, no matter the signs that it’s time to do so. Like when a child is crying out for independence and we keep her close.

My guess is you’ve experienced both. Here’s what that looks like.
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Let the black dog in.

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I wrote this on January 27, 2016.

It’s about my black lab, Maggie. I never published it. But this week, August 21st, Maggie suffered a sudden, fatal accident and left me much too soon.

In honor of her memory and the constant, unfailing love she gave me, here is a story about the love of our pets, our love for them and and love for ourselves.

My first two children, before I had Amelie, were my two dogs: Roscoe and Maggie.

Roscoe was my first dog. He is a magnificent, 22-pound, white-and-black Boston Terrier.

He’s my Golden Dog. He can do no wrong.

(Maggie is the Black Sheep – I’ll explain later.)

When I lived in New York and practiced law, I couldn’t have a dog like I wanted to have a dog. My long work hours meant that my dog would live most of his life alone in my apartment, while I lived most of my life alone in my office. I was working on my parachute out of my lonely office existence, and dreamed of a career where most hours working were also hours with my dog.

I had vague dog-owning aspirations, without specific breed, or dog-friendly lifestyle, in mind, until I took a trip to visit some old friends in Austin, Texas, where I lived before moving to New York. I picked up a coffee in the afternoon from Austin Java. Dark-roast in hand, I walked into a new art gallery along the Second Street Disctrict. He stopped me in my tracks: there he was. The dog of my heart’s desire. Completely indifferent to my presence, he sat on a cushion like he owned the place, or at least was the bouncer. The snub-nosed, snob of a dog, was a Boston Terrier. The object of my doggish aspiration was set.

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Sweet Sixteen

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Sixteen things I learned in 2015

16. It takes a year to make the baby, and another year to make the mommy.

15. Not all babies like Elmo.

14. Every one of us deserves love.

13. The capital of Oregon is Salem. Not Eugene, not Portland, but Salem. I bet you didn’t know that, either.

12. People don’t magically end up depressed, addicted, struggling – something actually happened, an event with a time and a place and people involved, and they are stuck reliving the past until they choose to heal.

11. It’s perfectly fine if your tiny dog is your family’s pack leader. Just accept it, and move on.

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Let’s call it tummy time.

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There’s this thing babies do. (Or, really, parents force their babies to do.)

It’s called “tummy time.”

For a few minutes, a couple of times each day, you lay your infant on her stomach so she has to practice holding her head up. That’s “tummy time.”

At first, my little, one week old baby could not hold her head up, at all.

So, we stopped doing tummy time. Tummy time sucks! For the birds! Who needs it.

A thing of the past.

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Growing pains.

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If you’re single and dream of marriage and a baby – I will tell you the truth.

Having a baby is really, incredibly great. If you picked a good husband, and if you work on your marriage like you do your job, having a baby is SO much fun.

Except for all of the many aspects of having a baby that are excrutiatingly painful.

Even with a strong marriage with a good, interested husband and father, having a baby is incredibly tedious, boring beyond belief and permanently constricting.

It’s been almost a year since I became pregnant, and exactly three months since Amelie was born. Mostly, it’s just been really hard. Not the baby part – I am shocked to discover I’m good with babies, having almost literally zero exposure to babies. But the parent part.

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begin, again.

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I am looooong overdue to check in and catch up.

So many times, I attempted to write some kind of update, but it’s just like – where to even start?? How much detail? Because there is a LOT to share. I keep coming back to this feeling that everything that’s happened, all together, is ultimately way too much for me to unpack or really convey intelligently at this point.

There is, however, one experience that I think about again and again, every since that very first time I saw my little baby 9 weeks ago. Especially when I feel lost and frustrated, this helps me so incredibly much. I find it so surprising so I’ve been wanting to tell you about it.

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