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Excuses in Exercise are LAME

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Excuses are still lame.
When it comes to exercise, establish a minimum baseline. You need to commit to it no matter what. There will be times when you will want to justify missing your appointment – and that is never acceptable, no matter what.

As Brooke Castillo likes to ask her weight loss clients: if you’re struggling with making the commitment to a minimum baseline, ask yourself: would you make that commitment to a doable weekly baseline if I offered you $500,000?

Exactly. It is possible.

For that amount of money, would you sell your health? Of course you wouldn’t! Commit to doing your baseline for something worth half a million dollars – your physical and emotional health.

You may feel yourself coming up with good reasons for missing your baseline appointments – be sure to call these reasons what they really are: Excuses.

There will always be a reason why you cannot do it, and things will come up that capture your attention that seem more important than your 10 minute walk. It doesn’t matter! Don’t ever let those things take precedence before you and your well-being.

Excuses belong on paper, not in your life.
Here are some examples of excuses that look really good on paper: Read More

The New School of Exercise

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The New School of Exercise.

For years, I treated exercise as a way to get results. I joined cross country in high school so that I would be forced to run a a lot (and be around a boy I thought was cute) and thereby burn a lot of calories and get thinner.  I kept training for marathons in college because I wanted the result of being thin. Ironically, I never maintained my goal weight with all of those miles and all of that calorie burn.

The reason why I did not get the results I was trying to get is that my focus was on GETTING – exercise does two things: It certainly can give you something so one of the things is that you get something from exercise. This is the “take” side of exercise that most people perceive as the primary motivation for exercise. But, more importantly, exercise is something you give to yourself. You give to yourself when you choose to exercise.  I want you to identify with only the giver part of exercising.

Back when I was a sophomore in college, I made friends with this girl who, oddly enough, enjoyed exercising because she only choose exercises that she liked doing.  I quickly found that I actually loathed running, but when I went with my new enlightened buddy to Pilates, I was in heaven. It harkened back to my toddler days in Gymboree, which I am told that I adored, and my mediocre and less fun times competing as a gymnast (that whole competition thing, just not for me, it turns out).

For MONTHS and MONTHS, all my amazing instructor taught me was technique. It was more like rehab than it was like exercise. And I dropped 20 lbs Read More

One Size Fits All Food Categories

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For everybody out there who struggles with food issues and their weight, knowing what kind of eating you are engaging in each and every time you eat is a crucial building block to permanently loosing weight.

There are four types of eating: Fuel, Joy, Fog and Storm. (We can all thank Brooke Castillo for kindly and correctly generating these categories.)

Each time you eat, you are in one of these categories.  Categorizing food will help you discern when you are not eating according to your body’s requirements for nourishment and WHY you are choosing (yes! It is actually a choice) to do this.  This also permits you to choose when you want to eat for fueling your body, and when you want to just for the enjoyment.

Fuel Eating

Fuel food is just what it sounds like: You are eating to put fuel in the machine that is your body.  90% of your eating should be fuel food.  This doesn’t mean that it want be delicious and enjoyable – just that the purpose of the meal is to fuel  your body.

Read More

How Does Demon Liquor Figure into Weight Loss?

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Question: Dining out, happy hour, girls’ night, boys’ night, Saturday football and Cancun. What do all of these have in common?

Answer: Alcohol.

If you want to loose weight, reconciling alcohol consumption with your goal of the ultimate physical perfection, or even to loose just a few pounds, can be tricky. This is because drinking is FUN.

Wellllll, fun to a point… maybe fun while you’re drinking but not so fun the next day. Which makes a girl wonder how “fun” this really is…

But because dieting sucks, we especially want to have fun and temporarily escape diet hell when we are trying to lose weight through the lame diet route.

Unfortunately, diets are not only torture but doomed to fail. Wait, no – they are not only torture, and not only doomed to fail, BUT they also perpetuate a cycle you may already find yourself in, where all attempts to stringently restrict calorie intake through discipline triggers “famine brain”.  When the human brain activity is mapped, we can see the picture of our neural activity when dieting, which is identical to neural activity mapped for humans enduring a real food scarcity.

Famine brain means that your brain responds to this severe food intake restriction by sending your body very strong and, honestly, irresistible signals to eat everything in sight because, oh my goodness, didn’t you know, there is a famine! Your brain is not confident that there will be another opportunity for feeding, so not only do you compulsively inhale anything available once you finally respond to your brain’s commands to eat (and you will), but your brain has also engineered your metabolism to roll to a screeching halt so every morsel that can be stored as fat will be.

This horrible cycle that you know, as do I, from experience is the 7th level of Dante’s Hell, is called a “feedback screech” similar to when a microphone is held up to a speaker and a screech comes out because of the endless cycle of input into the mic and output of the speaker.

Next time you find yourself knee-deep in pasta or potato chips soon to be followed with deep remorse and a new-found resolve to restrict your food intake drastically, again, to make up for this “bad behavior” — STOP!!!  It’s not helping!! Like I was saying before, your brain is always going to keep telling your body there is a famine, and the feedback screech continues while you get fatter, more miserable and increasingly less likely to feel joy on a regular basis.

Let’s agree not to sign up for that any more.

But I digress. How does alcohol fit into the framework of self-love where you give yourself healthy and delicious foods because it makes you feel good, although you could choose to eat cocoa krispies 24/7 if you wanted to because nothing is off limits?

Well, basically, alcohol can fit into any of the food categories except for Fuel (remember the four types of eating? Fuel, Joy, Storm and Fog are the only four kinds of consumption. If you’re not taking my classes and the four types of eating info is new to you, check out If I’m so Smart, Why Can’t I Loose Weight by Brooke Castillo):

  • Drinking alcohol is a Joy eat when you enjoy and taste every sip.
  • It is a Fog eat when you’re checked out mentally and still downing the vino without taking note of whether you want this or how hung over you’re going to be tomorrow.
  • Alcohol is a Storm eat when you are throwing back drink after drink like you’re on a mission.

Make sense?  Good!

Feel free to add any comments you may have or post questions – any and all are welcome.

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