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How I maintain high energy without over-caffeinating

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A little over one year ago, my husband came to me with an idea.

“I might do a cleanse. Want to do it together?”

“Sure.” I said.

As much as I geek out about juices and smoothies and super foods, I’d never done a cleanse. I truly bristle against food rules in any form be they under the guise of Whole30 or Paleo or whatever. Like, I don’t Read More

Why life’s greatest richness is not in the riches.

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I got into the coaching business to help people. And when I first started, I knew how to do one thing better than anyone else I had ever met or read about: I knew how to help people with their food issues.

My very first program, that I emailed to my friends and put on Facebook, was called Guerilla Weight Loss Class. I was terrified to put it out into the world for every soul to see. I felt naked, admitting to friends and family that I’d started this new career that mattered so very deeply to me. I worried that people would think what I was doing was dumb, silly, unimportant. I felt so afraid that there would be girls who would send the link of my class homepage to their friends and make fun of me behind my back. The fear almost paralyzed me. Almost.

Read More

Four tricks to unlock your body’s dormant power & creativity

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There is tremendous power in our bodies. When we learn how to honor it, harness it and leverage it we heal our relationship with our bodies. And ourselves.

Because, right now, we have a chance to elevateWe can have a new beginning with our bodies, which includes a new beginning with our weight, with what we eat, and with how we feel about our bodies. It truly can all change.

And we’re learning to elevate all aspects of our body relationship to make this change happen.

Let’s start with the Four Types of Power. Read More

Learn what’s most beautiful about you.

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What’s the difference between feeling beautiful, and looking beautiful?

That moment when we feel connected to something bigger than we are. When inspiration finds us. When we feel hope and feel love.

That is the moment that we feel beautiful.

Does my hair look nice or is my outfit flattering? Not sure. Don’t get me wrong – I love when my hair looks nice. I love when my outfit flatters me.

But looking beautiful is nowhere near as powerful as feeling beautiful.

We have the right to feel beautiful. 


There’s something about Mexico that’s important for us to know: In Mexico, people eat a lot of corn.

One statistic I read stated 40% of a typical Mexican’s diet is corn. In America, we eat more grains and bread than tortillas or corn kernels. And yet – Americans at a cellular level test to consume more than twice the amount of corn consumed than Mexicans at a cellular level.


The reason is simple (and disgusting): corn sneaks into so, so many foods that we eat. “Mystery ingredients” like xanthum gum in cereal (even in Whole Foods brand cereals) and breads are corn derivatives. Sugar is actually corn when it’s “corn syrup.” Beyond processed foods, even meats in America molecularly contain corn: cows and chickens and pigs are fed corn and when we eat them. Historically, these animals don’t graze off corn but grass, acorns, and seeds. What they eat changes what they are. Since we’re actually ingesting what they’ve consumed (at a cellular level, the corn is still discoverable) it’s upping our corn intake hugely.

The chicken fingers are triple-corned (corn filling, corn breaking, corn in the oil for frying). And corn in the ketchup we dip them in.

The big problem is that we have no idea that foods we think are healthy have hidden foods with real effects to our bodies and our health.

We have the right to eat the foods we think we’re eating. 


I remember the day after I took my first baby home. His name is Roscoe, and he’s a Boston Terrier.

He pooped in the house. He peed in the house. And he kept barking at me, waiting for me to do… something. What? What IS it?? He would run around the living room, jumping and barking and running in circles. What is this madness?!

Well, it took a few google searches to find the answer.

But it’s obvious. He was trying to bait me into playing with him.

We lose the space in our lives to play at a pretty early age. But the thing about playing is that it is crucial for a fulfilled life. While we see it as “silly” or “embarrassing, or possibly at best “nice to do if you have time” it’s actually, as my dog demonstrated, fundamental to how we best learn, how we find happiness, and how we navigate a fulfilling life.

Roscoe was born knowing how to play, and so were you.

Our emotional state begs us to rediscover play.

The right to play is the right to feel alive while we’re still living.

We have the right to play.


Elevate to know your rights, own your rights, express your rights.

Our bodies need this.

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Because it’s the beginning of a new year, we’re all in the same boat.

You might be wondering: What boat is that?

We’re all in the boat where we’re visually assaulted by ads telling us one message. This message can be subtle, and it is very toxic for us. It looks like this: Join the gym for $1 this month! It looks like the ads on Instagram that told me four times today to set resolutions.

Do you know what the not-so-subtle message is? 

There’s something wrong with you. 

When you resolve to do better, you’ll fix what’s wrong with you (too fat? too poor? too alone?), and then, you’ll be happy.

You know that is all just marketing, right? The promise that happiness lies in the fulfillment of a New Year’s resolution has never delivered. Think of every year in the past – if one of those attempts had succeeded, you wouldn’t be here, right now. It’s a marketing strategy, and it works becuase it plays on our deep fears about our own inadequacy, of not being good enough.

It’s time to take our power back. Especially right now, at the beginning of a New Year.

Especially when it comes to our bodies.

Especially because there is nothing wrong with you.

To want to feel good in our own skin is valid. To feel tired of obsessing over food is very legitimate. But for someone else to tell us how we should look? That is very not cool.

Because we all know how to eat healthy foods and move more, so selling us something that helps us to try harder isn’t useful. Our willpower is not the problem. The problem is that the food is not the problem.

A food-based solution like a new diet, to a problem that looks like a food problem, but isn’t a food problem at all, gets us nowhere. Einstein said it best: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Thinking differently or better about food is trying to solve our problems with the same food-focused thinking that created them.

Instead of going down this way, this year, it’s time to elevate.

To solve a problem, we have to know what it is, first. If the weight struggle and the eating-obsessions have nothing to do with food, then we have to find out what the problem causing our compulsion really is.

Because, there’s a cause, and there’s a solution. And we’re capable of finding both.

We’re either going up, or we’re going down.

I for one am going up. I’m going to elevate.

 For about three months, I’ve been waist-deep in the concept of sovereignty. 

Sovereignty is kind of like healthy boundaries, good communication, and the right-to-exist, all in one, glorious bundle.

When it comes to our bodies, sovereignty means that our bodies are our own kingdoms, and no one else’s. What I do, or don’t do, with my body is none of your concern.

Sovereignty is not, off with your head! power, like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Sovereignty is: you don’t get to imply that I should want to look differently than I do – but it’s okay if I do want that. I’m responsible for the condition of my body, and how and what I feed myself is none of your business.

This body is my body.

This is my kingdom.

And I am sovereign.

To be sovereign, we get rid of opinions, projections, expectations and assumptions about our bodies that are not ours.

And then, we embrace (and find) the opinions, desires, wishes, hopes and dreams that are ours.

And from there (and only from there) do we set our intentions, our resolutions, for 2017, for ourselves.

To elevate, we learn to practice sovereignty.

We learn to reject the messages from the media about what we should look like.

We find a new beginning with our bodies for ourselves, where we learn how to listen, communicate, respond, and support. We elevate. And from that place we find true health. We find true love. We find freedom.

Four Steps to a Happy Life

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For most of my life, when I heard phrases like “self-love” and “body love,” I shuddered and rolled my eyes.

Right after I started my business, I traveled to an entrepreneurial workshop in Portland, Oregon. The leader announced she would begin an afternoon session with a twenty-minute meditation. “Meditation” was pretty fringe-ey, back then. I didn’t know a single person in New York who meditated.

This meditation, the woman explained, involved listening to love songs.

She instructed us to close our eyes, and imagine that these love songs were from us, to our businesses.

My reaction = vomit.

Let me get this straight: I’m “meditating” – whatever that is – while I send love songs to my business?? 

My eye-roll echoed around the world. I almost permanently lost my eyeballs into the back of my head.

But, I decided to give it a go, anyway. Why? Read More

Food Sobriety

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There’s a beautiful tradition in the lineage of yoga known as the Yoga of Speech.

The Yoga of Speech provides us with a guide to know when to speak, how to speak, and when not to speak.

When the message we have to deliver fails any of the three prongs in the Yoga of Speech, then we don’t deliver the message. We remain silent.

The three-prong test for the Yoga of Speech is:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it necessary?

So, for example, if I’m going to tell you that, I love your yeast rolls, but really they taste too sour to me, and I ask myself the first question:is it true?

The answer is, no, so I hold my tongue.

We only speak when what we are about to say is true, kind and necessary to do so.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a practice that taught us when to eat, how to eat, and what to eat?

Well, there is. Read More

How To Be Here.

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We are so uncomfortable in our own skin, that we don’t even know that we are uncomfortable in our own skin.

Speaking of skin, I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I have majorly struggled with my baby’s super-sensitive skin.

(More on our own discomfort in a second. This story is relevant – promise.)

First, it was the cradle cap (which is really just eczema) in month-one of my daughter’s life on this planet. Then, she developed dry skin on the back of her arms during month-two of being here. And, starting in month-three and up until today, which is roughly month-twenty-three, she’s had near-constant diaper rash.

I’ve gotten rid of this diaper rash at least fifty times through various concoctions.

It always comes back within one week.

She’s even leaving diapers behind and wearing underwear these days. Yet, the diaper rash somehow is only getting worse.

The war against diaper rash goes on with no end in sight.

Until, today. Read More

Your Authentic Style: Find It, Own It.

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When we’re truly lost in our lives, we need help finding our way.

Take me, for example.

The first time I admitted to myself that I was lost, and unhappy, was the spring of 2007. My life looked great from the outside. But I felt lost. And emotionally, I felt miserable. So, I reached out for help.

But instead of going on and on about my past, let’s talk about the present.

I still get lost. Every single one of us does. And I still ask for lots of help (and I’m not even good at asking for help).

Like, this week. I felt lost. Really, it’s the same issue, every time we get lost: we’ve just lost ourselves.

Read More

The Antidote for Control Issues

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I like my house in order and my daughter fed (well) and dressed (well) and napped (well). I like the fridge and pantry stocked. I like to know where my dogs are at all times (inside or outside?). I like my routine, and it works.

And all of these pretty traits and habits of mine can be boiled down into one desire that drives them all: the search for control.

Control is really sneaky, like this. We take pride in our orderly lives. But when we start to think what this orderliness keeps us from, we start seeing how we may be control-addicts. And our drug of choice? It’s running our lives.

Read More

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