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Let’s call it tummy time.

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There’s this thing babies do. (Or, really, parents force their babies to do.)

It’s called “tummy time.”

For a few minutes, a couple of times each day, you lay your infant on her stomach so she has to practice holding her head up. That’s “tummy time.”

At first, my little, one week old baby could not hold her head up, at all.

So, we stopped doing tummy time. Tummy time sucks! For the birds! Who needs it.

A thing of the past.

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Growing pains.

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If you’re single and dream of marriage and a baby – I will tell you the truth.

Having a baby is really, incredibly great. If you picked a good husband, and if you work on your marriage like you do your job, having a baby is SO much fun.

Except for all of the many aspects of having a baby that are excrutiatingly painful.

Even with a strong marriage with a good, interested husband and father, having a baby is incredibly tedious, boring beyond belief and permanently constricting.

It’s been almost a year since I became pregnant, and exactly three months since Amelie was born. Mostly, it’s just been really hard. Not the baby part – I am shocked to discover I’m good with babies, having almost literally zero exposure to babies. But the parent part.

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Sit at the center.

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You are either walking forward or sitting at the center.

Today, I went to my first yoga class since Amelie was born.

I used every mind trick I have in the book to get myself to go. I tell myself I can leave at any time. That I can just sit on my mat the entire class if I want to. That I never regret going but often resist going. That it is expected to dread this. It would be weird if I DID NOT have lots of resistance to going.

Fifteen pounds over weight (at the very least) and out of shape, group exercise sounds really unappealing. But I need to start at some point and my state of mind needs some yoga and my body desperately needs to move.
So I actually went (victory!). I actually finished the class doing what I can and not pushing my poor, tender body. Huge victory.
And you know what?

I’m not really sure yoga is for me right now.

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begin, again.

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I am looooong overdue to check in and catch up.

So many times, I attempted to write some kind of update, but it’s just like – where to even start?? How much detail? Because there is a LOT to share. I keep coming back to this feeling that everything that’s happened, all together, is ultimately way too much for me to unpack or really convey intelligently at this point.

There is, however, one experience that I think about again and again, every since that very first time I saw my little baby 9 weeks ago. Especially when I feel lost and frustrated, this helps me so incredibly much. I find it so surprising so I’ve been wanting to tell you about it.

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Laurie’s Maternity Must-Haves

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Laurie's Maternity Must-Haves

When I compare notes with friends (and blogs, and books), it appears that I’ve had an exceptionally good-feeling pregnancy.

Do I have tired days? Of course! Unwarranted road-rage? It happens. Occasional heart-burn? You betcha.

But-all-in-all, I have felt energized, emotionally stable, and very grateful to be pregnant. My weight is healthy, but low, and I’ve done nothing intentionally to restrict my weight or what I eat. Weight is a touchy subject, and with pregnant women, all you ever need to say is, you’re all belly! But I don’t want to have 40 lbs of extra me to haul around like a sherpa after the baby is born. And I don’t have that.

Here’s what I’ve done (and just as importantly, not done) over the past 39 weeks to actually experience, rather than suffer through, the miracle of life.

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The four avenues of support you’re needing.

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Check it out – I FINALLY made a video!

Well, really I made three. Here’s one of them, below – on the Four Avenues of Support you need in your life to be living fully, thriving and finding your answers.

{just click play to watch the video}

(And you go watch the other two about me and on The New South.)

Ta da!

Enjoy. x

Luxury, the truth and polka dots.

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dive in


Vacation is not a luxury. Neither is the truth.

I’ve been vacationing as much as possible, lately.

Important stuff is in the works for me.

Did you know that we need a break from everything? Stepping away, and returning, from … relationships, work, our families… everything – it is a part of the human condition. Leave, and return.

Take a vacation, already.

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*Health Shots* for the super hero in you.

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Instead of caffeine in the morning, if you’re starting to feel under the weather, or if you want a fast way to ingest something good for your body, this Ginger Tumeric Lemon shot is the answer.

It’s so easy to make. Stock up on ginger and tumeric and store them in the fridge (not freezer) for months of healthy shooting.

Energize + Feel Good

You already know how I feel about green smoothies, and forming a daily habit, but did you know I love taking lots of shots?

Health shots, that is!

The GTL my all-time favorite health shot, so here you go.

Ginger Tumeric Lemon


Step One: Get out your turmeric nub. I get mine at the big farmer’s market.


Tumeric is not a looker. But in the food world as in the human world, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts.

And, I think my counter needs cleaning… I spy a berry-leaving.

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I’ve been editing my program-turned-book – the one I should’ve published five years ago, except that this year, the other shoe dropped, so to speak, and I can express a crucial, final element. Which I’m here to tell you about.

The working title:



find peace with your body



(I cannot WAIT to share it with you guys.)

In updating my story and teachings to include all I’ve learned from giving up alcohol last year, as it relates to finding peace with my body, I return again and again to how we find our value.

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5 Things for Spring

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You may have noticed A Spring Clean post go out on Friday that was “PROTECTED.”

That is – password protected.

It’s a Private Clubhouse disguised as a blog post for A Spring Clean.

A Clubhouse, where we can go to get outside – of the house, of our heads – and start to create mischief.

I’ve got style on the brain since we’re spending a whole week of A Spring Clean on our personal Style Maps, and basically, playing dress-up, so I’m posting today on my five favorite fashion things for Spring.


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