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How to make your green smoothie habit easy to start + stick with.

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As promised in yesterday’s post on 7 delightful and new green smoothie recipes, here are logistical tips for the newly initiated green smoothie drinker.

While ‘tips’ on eating is not really what I do, this is how I live, and it really supports my health, energy, and clean living — in all aspects of my life. So, here you go. 

I’m covering supplies, logistics, and your easy three-step game plan.

First: let’s keep supplies simple.

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7 Surprising Green Smoothie Recipes

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A couple of weeks ago, I threw out some very practical tips for clean living as it pertains to the body.

(Learn more together with A SPRING CLEAN.)

Since, I’ve received a number of requests for my favorite green smoothie recipes.

A morning green smoothie is such an easy way to support your body’s health, digestion and natural detoxification systems.

Here are 7 very different and delicious recipes that I make and love.

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You need to be more wasteful.

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In my practice, I interact quite a bit with students who want to stop overeating.

Very often, compulsive overeating has been a painful, lifelong struggle for this person.

The eating, the shame — the pattern is excruciatingly familiar, and the overeating can feel deadeningly hopeless.

(Letting go these old patterns can be hard. Sometimes we get stuck. And that’s natural. Help yourself along with A Spring Clean.)

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A Spring Clean :: 8 techniques on how to eat

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Let’s talk about what to eat, shall we?

First disclaimer, which I’m guessing you probably won’t read: what foods feel good/bad is highly individual. Which means that how eat may or may not feel right for you. Because, we react differently to different foods, and listening to our bodies is the doorway for everything [business-growing, weight-losing, joy-finding, purpose-following, significant-other-discovering] so please never blindly follow anything when it comes to food!!!! Unless, blind-following is your thing.

A Spring Clean!

A Spring Clean is my next live program! Taaaaaa daaaaaaa.

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Sneak past being stuck. Silent, like ninja!

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Brief recap (or scroll down to the big heading to skip this):

Last post, I talked about how it’s part of your dharma (dharma = great work of your life! purpose, passion, your thing!, etc.) to question your dharma.

It’s normal to question, and very useful. Questioning strengthens, clarifies and redirects the work you put out into the world. To our huge relief, because we thought doubt was bad.

It’s also part of your dharma to sabotage yourself in pursuing the very thing that you want.

In fact, sabotage is to be expected. Who knew?! Another huge relief.

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New Year’s Workshop :: Unlike Any Other ::

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I’m doing a New Year’s Workshop. (!)

It’s unlike all other New Year’s workshops (that I’ve ever seen). Because — instead of setting goals, or choosing a word for the year, or a few qualities, or other versions of forward looking in terms of how to create stuff in your life and how to build…  we’re doing the stuff that needs doing before the looking-forward and building.

We’re setting a foundation.

This workshop is what you need before going for gold in 2014. So, when you do go for gold in 2014, you set yourself up to succeed.

But, only if you want a great year.

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the incoming year :: part three :: your fresh start

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Welcome to 2014! I’ll speak for this new year by saying — we’re happy to have you here.

Here in part three of our series on leaving 2013 and entering 2014 right, we’re getting to the good stuff:

Your fresh start ~ get what you want this year

I’m going to explain what I know about how to get what you want. Then, I’m going to tell you my new moon + New Year’s ritual. That’s what I’m really excited about.

Here’s what I want, next year:

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the incoming year :: part two :: the fear

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We are approaching the New Year. Which is why I’m doing a workshop: The New South’s New Year’s Workshop! For free, which is quite generous of me.

I’m getting warmed up for it in this journal series on the incoming year.

Let’s review what we’ve discussed:

  • we figured out why we’ve been avoiding doing any New Year’s rituals;
  • there’s the secret to knowing what we want; and
  • there’s the secret to admitting what we want.

Today, in the incoming year :: part two I’m going to explain fear.

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the incoming year :: part one :: how to begin

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A good friend of mine always says ~ a good morning starts the night before.

It turns out, the same policy is true for years.

A good year starts the year before.

In fact, a good year starts today.

I am thinking about what I want for my next year of life, today. I think about The New South, my relationships, my health + body, my habits + rituals. I’m giving myself a few days to sit with the question: what do I want for next year?

Have you noticed that you’ve been avoiding this?

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