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Why you’re carrying extra weight.

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Thinking about what is okay to eat based on what/how much you’ve eaten today.

Resisting eating when you’re not hungry.

Resolving to recommit to eating healthy food/less food/no food, starting tomorrow. Once again.

There’s this neurotic behavior around food, because of how we want our weight to be anything from extremely thin to a weight that feels right for us.

Where does it come from?

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Eating of the forbidden fettucini (and be naturally thin)

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Giant Fruit at the High Museum in AtlantaNew restaurants, cooking (like last night! sweet potato latkes and chipotle pork tenderloin, an experiment! moderate success) and cool new food-stuffslove.

So! What to do, when one of your loves is also giving you love handles?

Or a bagel butt? (Which is what my high school boyfriend’s mom called me while I was working at the Bagel Bin… for good reason.)

The natural thing to do is to develop a love-hate relationship with the food. Sure, you love food! De-LISH-ious dinners and desserts. Oh my.

But, you also hate that it’s keeping you chubby. Fattening food becomes the forbidden fruit (or, really, forbidden fettucini alfredo because who cares about fruit) and yet, also something you cannot avoid.

You have to eat. So, you try to “eat healthily.” Oh, the bland, boring world of health food and dieting…

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The key to, basically, everything.

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There is, basically, one key to doing everything successfully.

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how there seems to be one key to everything — like to being more yourself in your world and in that thing you do out there, to losing weight, to healing your relationship with food (and, healing other relationships) and feeling really strong in your life.

That one key is pretty much what led to me finding, and now, doing, this work that I do out here.

And because of my experience in figuring this out and helping you figure your stuff out, too, I see that there is one commonality in people who do things successfully.

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Hey, Laurie — why do you do weight loss stuff?

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I get this question quite often from clients and friends, especially since (and I actually thing this is kind of funny*), according to several people, how could a thin person help people with weight loss?

*I think that is funny because it seems to me that a fit person should teach fitness and a thin (healthily so) person should teach weight loss.

Well, this is a GREAT question, because:

  1. What I teach will help you lose weight — but it’s not “weight loss”
  2. You don’t have to be overweight to be in the throws of body and food obsession-hell
  3. I haven’t always been friends with food and at a good weight for me (that’s kind of the whole, where you are is where I’ve been to hell and back, thing)

The real bottom line for why I do my weight loss work (and it’s work I enjoy so, so much) is #3:

I have been in the complete agony that is thinking about your weight and food, feeling terrible for having eating what you ate, feeling on the brink nearly every day and yet not being able to escape the problem (because you need to food to live and you’re in your body for this earth-school duration) even when you try to.

It’s so awful.

Sometimes, it makes me extremely nervous and uncomfortable to put myself out there as a person who can show you how to heal your relationship with food and your body.

But, since I have done it for myself, I know that what I’ve learned can help you, and I am not going to let my quaky boots keep me from offering you tremendous relief.

    What it is I actually DO

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    You know how I do my Guerilla Weight Loss Class, and how it sells out so quickly? And, how I always talk about how much fun I have doing it because people grow and learn and, you know, lose weight??

    Well, I’ve got good GREAT news, because you can get sneaky tips from the class and get that faboo group support, and feedback directly from me on your weight loss stuff, and helpful direction, and encouragement…. and more and more! For, like, way cheaper.

    And, you don’t have to wait until I offer another class — you can have it NOW.

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    Wednesday, Baby. Wednesday.

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    A poor, besotted client just suffered an extraordinarily lengthy email by my very own hand. It took me 42 minutes to write. It was followed by an email of apology for the length of the first email.

    And who knows, maybe she wants to spend 10 minutes sifting through my prose! But because her juicy question is probably something you’ve wondered before, I’m going to (maintaining my client’s confidential identity) share all my secret answers with you.

    To answer to your question: why did I overeat today?!

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    Tips. The Get Skinny Kind.

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    Because little tips are just the kind of direction you are looking for…

    Here are 5 Get Skinny tips for your weight loss pleasure.

    1. Don’t diet. The longer that you diet, the tighter your body clings to your extra weight. This makes losing weight incrediblydifficult (which is why you’re reading this and not thin from that last diet you tried). You’re body still thinks that you live in a cave, so restricting your food and increasing physical exercise (i.e., going on a diet) triggers your body’s ancient survival instincts to keep weight on at all costs. This helped your ancestors survive when food was scarce, but little does your body know that you’re living in the world’s fattest nation and simply trying to squeeze into smaller pants.

    2. Follow your appetite. Instead of dieting, eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full and you will lose any extra weight. The key is to eat when you just begin to feel hungry and stop eating when you’re lightly full. This is how “naturally thin” people eat. With frequent fuelings, your cave-dwelling body is satisfied that there is no threat of famine or predator, and it will happily release your extra pounds.

    3. Feelings are not for eating. There’s never a good reason to eat when you’re not experiencing hunger. When you’re torso deep in the refrigerator and don’t know how you got there — but the chocolate pudding has mysteriously disappeared — the culprit is usually your feelings. Overeating is a great distraction from your stress, loneliness or any other uncomfortable emotion. But if you want to lose weight, feel your feelings instead of eating through them. Put down that pudding spoon — no emotion is so awful that it’s worth a lifetime of weight struggle.

    4. Eat foods that you love every day — seriously. I lied in #2 — there is one time when you can eat when you’re not hungry. Because making any food “off limits” leads to pigging out (remember the chocolate pudding incident?), don’t deprive yourself of foods that you love. Instead, make 10% of what you eat each day food that you truly enjoy, whether or not you’re hungry at the time. The only rule is that you must enjoy every bite, and stop eating the second you stop enjoying (or your 10% is up — whatever comes first).

    5. Do the bare minimum. There’s a name for people who exercise strenuously 5 to 6 times per week — it’s “injured.” Skip the boot camps and create a weekly exercise baseline that you can keep no matter what is going on in your life.  My baseline is moderate exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times per week. I often do more than that, but I never do less. Commit to doing your baseline, and you’ll stay trim and toned all year-round.

    2 spots left! End the annoying fixation on losing weight (and actually BE SKINNY)

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    Tuesdays @ 7pm EST, from February 23 to March 30

    The last weight loss class you’ll ever need is almost sold out! Again!

    And, the discounted price ($169) ends tonight (then, it’s $199). Sign up now, before it’s sold out.

    Also: I love this teaching class.

    I love the results people get, I love that YOU love the results that you get.

    The very, very short description of the class is that you learn how to eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and not really even have to think about it. The ultimate outcome is you being naturally thin and free to live your life.

    The class for you if you’re sick of obsessing over what you’re eating and losing weight — and still not losing weight and keeping it off.

    Anyway, you can read more about it here — I really just wanted to tell you that the class starts a week from tomorrow, and there are only 2 spots left — AND, the discount ends tonight!!!

    I absolutely believe in you — you can be at your naturally thin weight and be free from obsessing over thinness and food.

    Come join the class. If it ends up not really being your thing, you can always get a refund (see ridiculously sincere guarantee by scrolling down).

    Got any last minute questions? Leave them in the comments! I’ll respond ASAP.

    Happy Tuesday, tiger.

    Tuesday Styles #8: 10 ways to change your mood (by changing your look)

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    It’s Tuesday! And you’re here because you know that your style matters.

    • We have a ritual of checking in with what we are wearing (and why), and what’s going on with our living and work digs because it tells us something about what’s going on with us —
    • and, THEN, we can then feel better INSTANTLY by making some little changes to our wardrobe or our bedding or whatever.

    Instant gratification! Hip hip hooray.

    10 ways to change your mood by changing your LOOK.

    You may be thinking, “Uh, I have a look??”

    The answer is: yes, darling. You definitely have a look. And changing how you present yourself can make you feel good.

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    The Banquet of Heros

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    The Banquet of Heros.

    The Banquet of Heros: the people, stuff and things to do that are worth knowing about.

    These are my Heros. I sifted through a TON of crappy things for business, for health and for fun to find them.  I don’t profit at all from this (other than feeling good having shared good things with you).



    You must obey this rule: Use Intuitive Designs whenever you need any work on your website. Or need to create a website. Or need cool people in your life that are funny, down to earth and supportive.

    And, not in a boring way.

    Naomi Niles and Koldo Barroso are very talented, very good communicators to people who may not be so tech- or web-savvy (like moi) and very responsive. I’ve never met more patient and understanding people, too. And trustworthy. I truly cannot say enough good things.


    My favorite photographer (the one who did my pictures for my site) is Sergio.  He’s based in Phoenix. He’s amazing, he’ll travel for weddings, and he’ll make you look terrific.

    If you live in Atlanta, Erin Jones is TERRIFIC (email me — laurie AT laurie gay DOT com for her inf0). She is very talented and really easy to work with. Plus, for one flat rate, you get all of your pictures — you don’t have to purchase the pictures in addition to her fee. Kids love her, too.


    My favorite blogs of late are as follows:

    The Fluent Self. I have a big, fat internet crush on Havi that just won’t quit. She’s a very talented blogger (meaning, she has found the kind of content that permits her to sustain posting with almost daily frequency… and it’s all good stuff) and her message is divine. She’s really entertaining and bravely honest. She inspires a lot of what I do (like our Fridays?? That’s 100% something that Havi has done for years and that is where I got it).

    She’s found her stride in what she does. Listen to what she says. (She’s @Havi)

    Life in the Cubicle Examiner. This is for when you need someone to call out how boring your job is in a way that makes you laugh, not jump from the ledge. I just met this blog, but it’s GOOD. You know Dudley Dawson? He’s a funny dude. Read this article about how Big 4 consulting firm employees are modern day indentured servants. He started my favorite Facebook group. Of which I am not a member because I don’t join Facebook groups, but IF I DID…

    Ittybiz. A blog that makes marketing for small businesses interesting (thank goodness), clear (because what the hell ismarketing? It could be soooo many things) and doable. People say that Naomi Dunford swears like a sailor, but in my experience, she just swears as much as people actually swear when they are not censoring themselves for other people. But do what she says, or she may cut you.

    Rebecca Vandiver. If you’re a lawyer, you MUST read her blog. Even if you’re not a lawyer, just a discontented employee, read this. She finds all the cool lawyers and ex-lawyers that are happy practicing or happy that they left. She presents you options you’ve never thought of, and you’ll realize that you’re not trapped in your job, or out of luck if you’re laid off.

    • …RECIPES

    It’s almost criminal how great everyone out of Bon Apetit is. Recipes are tested well, often not too complicated and people love it.

    I really like Ina Garten’s recipe’s too. She’s a neat lady with a cool story and adorable husband.


    Check out my food blog for my current favorites in all of the cities I’ve been hanging out in.


    If you’re new to Twitter follow @Recodingjim and @estheribrown. They are funny, point to interesting information and things in the world, and you’ll meet some cool people through them.

    • …EXERCISE.

    1. PILATES.

    You must, must MUST do Pilates! It changed my life. I will take a moment to convince you.

    A lot of what I talk about is you getting in touch with yourself, and I mean this literally — gaining an internal awareness of what is going on in your body is the #1 rule to being Youified (To know what it is that is your right work, and be going it the way that is right for you).

    Pilates is based on this self-awareness, even more so than Yoga (see below). Just try it!!! If you haven’t transformed your body and your perspective after 21 sessions (sounds like a lot? You know, for a transformation, it’s really not), I will bake you a batch of my special cookies and overnight them to you with an apology note.


    • Re:AB Pilates on Bleecker
    • Any Pilates by Narween Otto will be great. She’s one super cool Aussie


    For privates, go to Hadley at Core. She’s just got a knack for teaching Pilates in a way that you’ll “get”, plus (for now…) she’s affordable.


    I can’t find the website for the place I love! Basically, it’s the Pilates studio in the back of Ballet Austin on Lamar Road. The woman who runs it is an ex-prima ballerina, and is so centered, down to earth and wise. Go here first.

    I also like:


    Go nowhere in this city except for Thinking Body. Cynthia has a strong background in physical therapy and has been in the fitness industry for decades.

    2. YOGA.


    • Google Heather MacKenzie and go wherever she is teaching. Also, email me for her info. She’s AMAZING.
    • I actually really like the yoga at Equinox (not their Pilates, though, or anything else).
    • Again, Narween. She’s great!


    I like Springs Yoga, and Ruth Ann is my favorite instructor.

    [Hey, Atlanta! I’d love to recommend more Yoga spots, but EVERYWHERE I turn, there is hot yoga and nothing else, and hot yoga is just not my thing. Diversify and I’ll try it all out. Thanks, ATL. I’ll raise it.]

    3. CARDIO.

    ATLANTA: Go to Dance 101, and try out classes taught by Kevin, Apollo and Desiree. There may be other great teachers there (I haven’t tried them all) but I am a big fan of those three. The music is great, you’ll get a great work out and it’s for all levels. It’s just really fun.

    (I don’t do cardio in any other city. I admit it.)

    Those are all my Heros for today. Thanks to each of you! You make my life a better place. Love to you!

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