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New South Beauty Cooklet!

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New South Beauty Cooklet

Your go-to resource for beauty and vitality from the inside out.

  • Delicious (no matter your diet – plant-based, paleo, omnivore…)
  • Beautifying for your skin, anti-aging for your whole body
  • Designed with the highest of integrity for your vitality, your family’s health and the planet’s sustainability

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Carry On, Warrior :: Summer Book Club

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I have something to tell you and it involves three miracles that happened to me, all in one day.

Three miracles, one book club.

There is a really special art supply store in Atlanta called Binders. I go there when I need a pick-me-up in the form of a pretty pen, a fresh notebook or hand-spun wrapping paper that is way too nice to actually ever use as wrapping paper. About two months ago, I found myself in Binders. I felt discouraged and adrift and lost, as a mom. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but it was something like this: I work, but I also stay home with my toddler, and I felt like I flunked both completely, that day.

The first miracle.

I have been going to Binders since I was very small. Like, seven-years-old.

I have never, in my entire life, run into anyone I know at Binders. That day, I ran into someone I know, who was in town from Athens, Georgia. We spoke our polite greetings and she mentioned she was in town to hear an author speak. She and her friends drove two hours, and took a full day off from their duties as wives and moms and employees and entrepreneurs, to see this writer. My ears perked up. An author, speaking here in Atlanta? “Who?” I asked. It was a woman I’d never heard of:

Glennon Doyle Melton.


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How to save a life.

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I’m currently writing to you from my hotel room, with an entire Sunday New York Times in front of me, coffee (I drink decaf + honey, love it) to my right, and a husband to my left who is reading our local paper.

I’m catching up on mindless blogs that in no way challenge me. It’s been extremely nice. Needed, too.

Yet, I keep thinking about this one poem, The Journey by Mary Oliver.

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I’ve been editing my program-turned-book – the one I should’ve published five years ago, except that this year, the other shoe dropped, so to speak, and I can express a crucial, final element. Which I’m here to tell you about.

The working title:



find peace with your body



(I cannot WAIT to share it with you guys.)

In updating my story and teachings to include all I’ve learned from giving up alcohol last year, as it relates to finding peace with my body, I return again and again to how we find our value.

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The great work of your life is not where you think. It’s closer.

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Dharma is an extremely useful term that I learned last year from Stephen Cope’s book, The Great Work of Your LifeDharma encompasses a topic that I think about more than any other. Dharma is a better, richer synonym for ~

  • your purpose!
  • your destiny!
  • the thing that you’re passionate about that the world is also hungry for!

I feel the pull of my dharma. Maybe you do, too. Maybe you’re in the active pursuit of your dharma — and yet, if you’re like me, you wonder:

Is this it? 

Or is my dharma actually something else, entirely?

(And it just so happens that I’ll be announcing my next LIVE {virtually speaking} EVENT having to do with just this topic, VERY soon! Don’t miss it.)

What if I told you that you can get clear that you’re on the path of your dharma?

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The Meaning of Life {According to Rabbits} Part Two

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We’re back to the rabbits.

As discussed in Part One, I’ve been reading Watership Down. What a classic. I also grew up with a clan of rabbits. And as such, I know the true nature of rabbits, so I can attest to the accuracy in Watership Down’s depiction of the great American rabbit — and the book’s life-saving lesson that it has, for all of us.

If you’re interested, here’s a recap (if not, skip down, below).

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Why you’re in a labyrinth + what you *must* do.

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I spent last week in San Luis Obispo (say that three times fast). It’s a magical little town between San Fran and L.A. Kind of like Sedona-meets-California-meets-wine-country-meets-the-beach.

My friend, leader of the Rowdies, lives there. We got to spend some really quality time together.

That’s me, walking a labyrinth.

Why this matters to you.

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How To Be Happy: The Elephant in the Room.

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There are *two concepts* that you need to know, and can apply to your life immediately, if you want to be happier.

This is according to The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. I’ve been reading it and agree with him, but that book is one a dense sonofabitch so don’t bother ordering it.

Here’s the deal: Haidt uses empirical data, combined with the wisdom of the ancients (like, Buddha, the Greeks, the Bible) to explain why you’re happy – or, unhappy, and most importantly, how to be happier.

The first concept has to do with my father in law. Read More

#2: itza palette-cleansing good time

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For me to chat about what I’m reading (that I also like) without having to join a book club!

5 funny books and 5 scandalous! reviews! by me

And – they are all comedian autobiographies! Because: who doesn’t love reading a good, old fashion, comedian autobiography?! So, let’s all go read some more comedian autobiographies.

(In reverse-order of awesomeness)


#2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns)

This is the funniest book I’ve read in, possibly, my entire life. It’s the funniest of all five of these autobiographies, and a MUST READ for anyone who was born circa 1980. Mindy’s cultural references are so smooth, and so unexpected (but you’ll totally get them! if you were born circa 1980, and maybe, no matter when you were born, which is fun).

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