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How To Be Here.

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We are so uncomfortable in our own skin, that we don’t even know that we are uncomfortable in our own skin.

Speaking of skin, I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I have majorly struggled with my baby’s super-sensitive skin.

(More on our own discomfort in a second. This story is relevant – promise.)

First, it was the cradle cap (which is really just eczema) in month-one of my daughter’s life on this planet. Then, she developed dry skin on the back of her arms during month-two of being here. And, starting in month-three and up until today, which is roughly month-twenty-three, she’s had near-constant diaper rash.

I’ve gotten rid of this diaper rash at least fifty times through various concoctions.

It always comes back within one week.

She’s even leaving diapers behind and wearing underwear these days. Yet, the diaper rash somehow is only getting worse.

The war against diaper rash goes on with no end in sight.

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Prayer: Honestly, What’s the Point?

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I’ve not studied prayer. I would never even Google prayer.

If you’re like me, you are thinking: why are we talking about prayer, right now? Honestly, prayer is kind of a… snore.

And if you’re thinking that, I know what you mean. I’m the same way. My friends and loved ones would not begin a description of me saying, “She’s really prayerful.”

Me? I’m cheerful and free-spirited. A joker. Upbeat. A little more fire than earth. And I’m a little more fashion and beauty than sacred or serious.

And yet. And yet.

And yet, I’m finding that something essential to navigating my days has become prayer.

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Healthy Boundaries 101

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I looked forward to this yoga class for days.

I rarely find myself free on Saturdays from teacher training and work and toddler-duty. But last Saturday, I waltzed into the yoga studio fifteen minutes early. I even remembered my favorite mat, a chilled bottle of water, and a zen state of mind.

To be that calm and that prepared and that early makes me a unicorn, in my book.

The studio was not ready.

The greeter at the door informed me I would need to wait. So, I waited patiently (see: zen state of mind). I felt patient for fourteen minutes and finally turned to ask the front desk, “Is it okay to go in, now?”

“Sure,” the smiling woman said to me. She had a zen state of mind, too.

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5 Mantras To Find Opportunities Awaiting You

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“You can’t miss your own boat.” ~ Glennon Doyle Melton

“And your ship has come in.” ~ Laurie Beard

I have a question for you: do you ever wish that something would happen in your life, and then kind of forget about it, thinking you never got an answer?

What if you got an answer (exactly what you asked for) but actually missed it?  

This is what happened to me, last week. Twice.

“We’d like for you to write an article for our website.”

My jaw dropped. Me? How in the world did these people find me?? My blog is tiny. I am a yoga coach, not a writer.

I read the answer: “We found you through your articles published on”

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Find Your Direction.

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Last week, I booked a babysitter for the afternoon.

Business has been busy. Almost booming. I love this. It’s exciting, for me. I also struggle with this: when to answer the emails? When to check the emails? When to write this blog post?

A booming business is new-ish, for me. If you recall, the entire time I was pregnant, I worked and worked, and saw very little, almost no pay off (even if you’re not amazing at what you do, hard work usually pays off, in my experience – but not then; not for me). I had loads of time, but not a load of work.

Now, I’ve worked through and healed a lot of pain that having a child brought up for me. That creates a real shift.

Anyway, to my surprise, when I finished working with clients, that afternoon, I had thirty-five minutes in my home office to spare before the babysitter needed to leave. Free time!

I was facing down a unicorn: I was about to get ahead of my to-do list.

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Five Steps to Cure Exhaustion

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“The cure for exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The cure for exhaustion is wholeheartedness.” – David Whyte

What is exhaustion?

It’s the end of the school year for parents and the end of the business of spring for everyone. I have heard, “I’m exhausted,” uttered from many friends and students in the past two weeks.

I’ve always seen exhaustion as a symptom of over-doing: over-scheduling, over-committing, and over-giving beyond what resources of energy, time and service we truly have to give. I thought exhaustion was simply a state to cure through elimination of these “over’s” and pairing our lives down to the bare-bones.

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How to find the answer you’re looking for.

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Here something to think about: consider a decision you’re facing. Truly, take a moment to come up with a crossroads you face in your life, right now. Do you have it?

Now, consider this: what if the answer to your decision is already there?

The answer is already here.

What if you don’t have to figure this out, you just have to see the answer in front of you? And it is there, you’re just not seeing it.

In the past year, I’ve learned that the answer is always right in front of me. Usually, it’s been there for a while and I blew right past it a long time ago.

How to find this answer?

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The first step to happiness.

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I want to be honest with you about something: I can be kind of a flake.

I’m not known for being predictable. At all. I’m consistently inconsistent. I went on a retreat in Portland and my buddies gave me the trail name “wild card.” Friends have told me that my mouth is a “loose cannon.” I hear that “I never know what you’re going to say or do.” I built a virtual business so that I could work from anywhere in the world (read: so that I don’t have to commit to one place to live, or set business hours of operation).

Basically, I avoid commitment. To me, commitment is a synonym for trapped.

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If you can’t fly then run. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl.

But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I was a little girl, I loved to run. I raced the cars that drove down the street, in front of my house. I played a game: as a car drove by on the street in front of our house, I tried to outrun it. I raced a white suburban from left to right. I raced a wooden station wagon, from right to left. Back and forth I went, like a pint-sized pendulum swinging across the lawn.

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