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New South Beauty Cooklet!

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New South Beauty Cooklet

Your go-to resource for beauty and vitality from the inside out.

  • Delicious (no matter your diet – plant-based, paleo, omnivore…)
  • Beautifying for your skin, anti-aging for your whole body
  • Designed with the highest of integrity for your vitality, your family’s health and the planet’s sustainability

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Your Authentic Style: Find It, Own It.

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When we’re truly lost in our lives, we need help finding our way.

Take me, for example.

The first time I admitted to myself that I was lost, and unhappy, was the spring of 2007. My life looked great from the outside. But I felt lost. And emotionally, I felt miserable. So, I reached out for help.

But instead of going on and on about my past, let’s talk about the present.

I still get lost. Every single one of us does. And I still ask for lots of help (and I’m not even good at asking for help).

Like, this week. I felt lost. Really, it’s the same issue, every time we get lost: we’ve just lost ourselves.

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Style Speaks. How to Listen.

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Chase the Light. 

Have you ever come across a letter or a journal entry that you wrote, years prior, that seems to know a part of you better than you know that aspect of yourself now?

I became a mom about a year and a half, ago. The birth of my daughter was a catalyst for me to face and embrace the unresolved pain from my past (more on this, next week).

In the process, I let go of a lot of pretty clothes.

And along the way, I lost touch with an important aspect of myself:

my creative self

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The Art of Simplicity

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How to Simplify Life (When There Isn’t Any Clutter)

Last Friday, I felt like my cup was full. Well, over-flowing, really.

I woke my daughter up Friday morning, watched as she gave her stuffed mouse kisses and played with the dogs and ate breakfast (blueberries, crackers and mixed nuts – kind of a random selection, but, whatever), and put her down for her morning nap. Then, I ran back downstairs to log in and teach a yoga class, online, to women I respect and love. Next, I drove down to my in-person yoga studio to teach another yoga class (two classes, actually, back-to-back). My daughter joined me in the second class – she’s learning yoga, too. After we ate lunch, while Amelie slept, I met with my co-teacher to finalize preparations for a class for Yoga Church Teacher Training on karma and dharma. The remaining time before Amelie woke up? I met with my last private client for the week, and published last week’s blog on finding joy.

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I’m thinking about framing my Alexander McQueen scarf, the one I bought in 2007 or 2008 in the men’s department at Barney’s. It’s my husband’s idea. We both love that scarf and it’s only got a little life left. The design pre-dates the artist’s tragic suicide. He created it, himself. An original work feels worthy of framing. Although, when I look at this scarf, designed by Damien Hirst under the McQueen label, I start thinking, a lot of scarves embody beauty worthy of framing.


Image from

Gone, girl.

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It’s a sale.

Get it?

I’m clearing out my Shop. Until this Friday at noon EST, you can get any of my one-of-a-kind classes and programs, developed from my years of experience teaching and private coaching with clients from around the world, my study at the feet of teachers much wiser than myself and of course, the lessons from my own life.

After this Friday, February 20th at noon – in the spirit of letting go – all of my existing programs and products are gone. Forever.

I even brought back Feast: heal your relationship with food, like the generous sweetheart that I am.

Buy while you can here.

Get yours before it’s all gone, girl.

Love, loss and what I wore.

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About three weeks ago, I started feeling cluttered. Specifically, I felt the urge to clean out my closet.

I think of myself as diligent about decluttering my spaces. I’m organized. I know where things are.

But when I opened up my closets (notice the plural…), I realized that I have just been shifting sand. I keep everything.

And – it’s time to let it all go.

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Laurie’s Maternity Must-Haves

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Laurie's Maternity Must-Haves

When I compare notes with friends (and blogs, and books), it appears that I’ve had an exceptionally good-feeling pregnancy.

Do I have tired days? Of course! Unwarranted road-rage? It happens. Occasional heart-burn? You betcha.

But-all-in-all, I have felt energized, emotionally stable, and very grateful to be pregnant. My weight is healthy, but low, and I’ve done nothing intentionally to restrict my weight or what I eat. Weight is a touchy subject, and with pregnant women, all you ever need to say is, you’re all belly! But I don’t want to have 40 lbs of extra me to haul around like a sherpa after the baby is born. And I don’t have that.

Here’s what I’ve done (and just as importantly, not done) over the past 39 weeks to actually experience, rather than suffer through, the miracle of life.

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5 Things for Spring

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You may have noticed A Spring Clean post go out on Friday that was “PROTECTED.”

That is – password protected.

It’s a Private Clubhouse disguised as a blog post for A Spring Clean.

A Clubhouse, where we can go to get outside – of the house, of our heads – and start to create mischief.

I’ve got style on the brain since we’re spending a whole week of A Spring Clean on our personal Style Maps, and basically, playing dress-up, so I’m posting today on my five favorite fashion things for Spring.


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You need to be more wasteful.

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In my practice, I interact quite a bit with students who want to stop overeating.

Very often, compulsive overeating has been a painful, lifelong struggle for this person.

The eating, the shame — the pattern is excruciatingly familiar, and the overeating can feel deadeningly hopeless.

(Letting go these old patterns can be hard. Sometimes we get stuck. And that’s natural. Help yourself along with A Spring Clean.)

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