This time of year, we’re all thinking the same thing.

Time to lose weight. Eat better. Get into shape.

And why not?? We should want to feel healthy.

“I want to lose the weight I gained over the holidays.”

“I’m just so, so sick of the weight. I don’t want to live this way. I don’t want this to be my life.”

I hear statements like that all of the time. And I get it. I have felt like that so many times in my life.

But there’s a serious problem with that thinking.

We think our eating habits have caused our weight gain. As long as we think our eating caused our weight gain, we’ll look for an eating-based solution to what we see as an eating-based problem.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women to heal their eating issues and lose weight over the years of my career.

Many of my clients have a story that goes something like this:

During high school I starved myself to be thin, only to lose control and binge. Finally in college after I’d gained so much weight back I started binging and purging. Eventually, I stopped the purging. As an adult, I’ve pretty much always been overweight, always trying to “do better.” Only to “do badly,” eventually, and eat ice cream or something else sugary and delicious until stuffed. I always lose control.

And the problem isn’t lack of control.

Which is why it’s time for us to elevate our approach to our eating.

When we find peace in our bodies we elevate our future.

When we learn how to find peace in our bodies, we elevate our bodies’ future. When we elevate our bodies future, we eat for health, vibrancy, and energy. Without self-discipline. (Seriously.)

We lose weight, sure. And we gain an incredible and full life.

“Today, when I begin to obsess over eating the Oreos, I don’t try to control myself. I used to try to stop it and this sent me into the Bermuda Triangle that gets me nowhere. Instead, I reach for one of my favorite Props that Laurie’s taught me to use or I fall back on the Yoga of Eating. I just have so many strategies to help myself that I feel this new freedom around food.” – Elizabeth O., Manhattan

There’s one essential theme, needed to elevate.

Learn Body Peace.

We all have the journey to make, and that is the journey inward to learn how to find the peace inside of ourselves. That is the journey that elevates us.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

When we think that we’re in need of a better meal-plan or better fitness regime. But that’s the same thinking we used to create the weight and food problem that we have.

That thinking takes us down. We need thinking that takes us up. That elevates us.

The real problem is always the state that we fall into. 

When we try to lose weight, it’s a sign that our state is deteriorating. But it doesn’t have to.We can learn to release the old habits of weight loss that have failed us for years and instead, we can choose to go up.

We can choose to elevate.

When we elevate :: find peace in our bodies we find the real problems driving our compulsive eating habits.

Instead of going down the same path of New Year’s resolutions, “mindful” and “intuitive” eating (which simply aren’t enough to really change things), we can elevate .

We can go up to an elevated state with how we eat, treat ourselves, live our lives.

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Live Meetings (via Video)

Tuesdays 9:30-11 a.m. EST
January 31, February 7, 14 and 21
(all you need is a smartphone or laptop with video capability; all classes recorded and distributed for those who cannot make it live)

Brief Course Schedule

  • Class One :: Finally! Uncover what’s really going on 

    Many experts teach us that if we’ll simply eat according to our hunger, “mindfully” and “intuitively,” we’ll lose weight and stop obsessing over food… This failed me, and so many of my clients, because for many of us, it’s not enough. More is going on underneath our compulsive thinking and eating around food. We have to learn to hear what our bodies are trying to tell us. It’s a subtle skill that’s essential to finding peace with food and our compulsive eating.
    >> Learn the FIVE common messages our bodies communicate, and how to hear them.
    >> Learn what ONE action to take when you feel the compulsion to eat or obsess over food/weight.
    >> Learn THREE concrete actions to take, tried-and-true strategies, to truly satisfy you.

  • Class Two :: A new method to elevate in this moment

    When we run to programs that teach us new and different ways to eat, we’re trying to solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Instead, we must go deeper. We have deep desires that have gone unmet, unheard.Learn the FOUR relationships key to a deeply satisfying life.
    >> Learn the FIVE desires that have gone missing in your life.
    >> Access your ONE most urgent desire.
    >> Take THREE STEPS in your life to diffuse the urgency driving you to overeat and under-live.

  • Class Three :: Release your painful history, elevate your body’s future

    When we view ourselves as overweight, struggling with eating, chubby, we trap ourselves. We are doomed to repeat our unhealthy patterns of the past. When we join “overeaters anonymous” and similar weight and eating focused groups, we label ourselves. We install a glass ceiling. We make certain that we’ll never fully recover. We set unnecessary limits for our future and future happiness.Learn the THREE stages of elevated recovery.
    >> Learn FIVE practical strategies that elevate your approach to eating.
    >> Practice the THREE approaches to view yourself as a whole, vibrant, healthy soul.
    >> Uncover FOUR steps to release the baggage of your past that holds you back from a healthy weight

  • Class Four :: Elevate your whole self

    We’re ready to launch!!! At this point in our journey, we’ve gained the tools we need. We’re ready to go up – to receive the gifts in our lives that our obsession with food has been distracting us from. We’re ready to recover the aspects of ourselves that have gone missing to make room for our weight struggles.Learn the >> FIVE paths to elevate your relationship with your body.
    >> Learn THREE strategies to stay on course with this (and any) new beginning with food.
    >> Take with you ONE clear, concrete roadmap for this year with your weight, food, and life.

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detailed program overview

elevate :: find peace in our bodies

Still unsure? It’s normal (healthy, even) to be hesitant about a new program especially because we’ve all started a bazillion different food programs.

We have tons of fear that comes up when it comes to our bodies. And that fear, in a misguided effort to keep us safe, plays all of the greatest hits that freak us out. The common fear themes include:

  • Can I even afford this? What if I start paying for these fancy self-help programs and never stops until I’m broke, still chubby and living in a van by the river?!?
  • I really don’t have any time for this kind of stuff, right now. I’ll get started on a new plan when I have more time… whenever that magically falls into place.
  • Maybe if I do nothing, the problem will fix itself??
  • I’m not sure [X] will agree with me doing this program, and I really, really don’t want to make [X] feel bad.

All of those fears are valid, and legitimate. And they all served you at some point in your life.

And there are good reasons for not doing this program, but not enough time, not enough money, and “keeping other people happy” are classic fear-messages that are actually trying to keep you in your familiar and stagnant routine.

In short: it may be time to question that thinking if you ever want to elevate your life.

A good reason to not do this program?

  1. You want a diet, a “meal plan” that tells you what to eat and when to eat. If you want a diet, this program is not for you. I teach you how to eat “normally” and “normal” eaters don’t need meal plans.
  2. You don’t want your life to change.
  3. You’re all-good in the body, weight and eating departments. (Why are you even reading this?? Go read the blog!)

We take elevate to:

  • identify the real, underlying problem resulting in the food-obsession and weight gain
  • create a game-plan for the year to come
  • work through a non-diet reboot for our relationship with our bodies
  • reveal what the eating truly masks
  • support! we don’t have to go it, alone. we’re in a group, and – of course, there’s me!


  • *four* live group gatherings, via video (recorded in case you miss it and distributed for you to keep)
  • a beautiful playbook to give you support in the exercises we conduct through our class.
  • fresh practices to support the body, heart, mind and soul for our voyage
  • connection with kind, mindful, funny, irreverent, smart, wonderful people who can relate to our struggles and frustrations and relief when it comes to our bodies and eating
  • at least *nine* tangible tools to practice that de-stuck even the most stuck aspects of our relationships with ourselves with our bodies and eating
  • a launchpad for the coming year

And there’s EVEN MORE!!!

  • a fresh, safe space to heal, laugh, grow, spread our wings
  • holy shift! a fundamental elevated shift in how we approach our lives, our obstacles and food going forward
  • a place to learn, and practice integration (i.e. rather than presenting “versions” of ourselves, to get to know our whole selves honestly) support to show up honestly, as ourselves,
  • development of our vulnerability and authenticity practices, if we so choose
  • soul recovery, which basically looks like finding pieces of ourselves that we didn’t even realize we’d lost essential in moving forward in our careers, our healing, our destinies

Did I mention the body-benefits? Because they are many, and they are magical: we physically find balance when we learn to practice to elevate. 

We get our *glow* on.

All of this for only $800.

One more thing: there’s a VIP package.

(Full disclosure: As of this posting, three private clients have snatched up spots, which means there are two VIP spots left. SORRY!!!! SOLD OUT!!!!)

The VIP package includes all of the many tangibles and intangibles in the program, plus:

  • Yoga! morning guided yoga practices for all-levels via video and audio
  • Stealthy meditations to take with you to work, and in the car, to stop the stuck, the slip-ups, the nastiest behaviors that we’re ready to release, before they start (that works even if you don’t know how to meditate)
  • Two private sessions to schedule, at your leisure, in the next six months ($450 value!)
  • an advance copy of my book: Soul Food :: a guide to heal your relationship with eating
  • an advance copy of my book’s workbook: Soul Food :: the 42-day guidebook
  • The Surf Guide to Exercise :: how to exercise and stick to it
  • Yoga! evening guided yoga practices for all-levels via video and audio

The VIP package is valued at $3275, at least (some of this stuff you cannot even find to purchase).

But only costs my VIPs $1200.

I'm an elevate VIP! SOLD OUT

There are five VIP spots. Three are gone as of this posting!!!

Which means grabbing your spot, if this feels right to you, needs to happen sooner rather than later.

My hope is that you’re reading this and you can sense that this is right for you – or that you can sense that this is not right for you at all. Whichever you feel: trust your instincts.

If you feel hopeful, act on that hope. If you’re not feeling it, trust that. And while many others shop for gifts and deals online, you shop for something that’s truly priceless – your recovered sense of self-pride, renewed sense of self, and an elevated future.

We’re either going up or we’re going down.

Are you ready to elevate?!

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elevate :: find peace in our bodies

Live Meetings

Tuesdays 9:30-11 a.m. EST

January 31, February 7, 14 and 21

(all classes recorded and distributed for those who cannot make it)

** All the usual policies apply. I don’t offer refunds but your tuition is transferrable to another participant.