Excuses in Exercise are LAME

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Excuses are still lame.
When it comes to exercise, establish a minimum baseline. You need to commit to it no matter what. There will be times when you will want to justify missing your appointment – and that is never acceptable, no matter what.

As Brooke Castillo likes to ask her weight loss clients: if you’re struggling with making the commitment to a minimum baseline, ask yourself: would you make that commitment to a doable weekly baseline if I offered you $500,000?

Exactly. It is possible.

For that amount of money, would you sell your health? Of course you wouldn’t! Commit to doing your baseline for something worth half a million dollars – your physical and emotional health.

You may feel yourself coming up with good reasons for missing your baseline appointments – be sure to call these reasons what they really are: Excuses.

There will always be a reason why you cannot do it, and things will come up that capture your attention that seem more important than your 10 minute walk. It doesn’t matter! Don’t ever let those things take precedence before you and your well-being.

Excuses belong on paper, not in your life.
Here are some examples of excuses that look really good on paper:

  • I don’t have time
  • I didn’t sleep well
  • I have to work
  • I am too busy
  • I have to clean
  • I am exhausted
  • I am lazy
  • I just want to relax
  • It’s all or nothing
  • I already blew it

My favorite is “I don’t have enough time.” There are twenty-four hours in a day no matter what – we all have that much no matter how busy or important we are. Twenty-four hours is enough.  My gym opens at 5:30 am and the place is PACKED. Those people are making time. They are not accepting excuses or being victims of their schedule but taking control and making the time they need.

Most of us do not actually need to get up before dawn to fit in our baseline minimum. Take a good, hard look at your priorities, and ask: where do I fit in?  You should be at the top.

Excuses in LIFE are equally useless as they are when it comes to exercise.  This exercise, also from mega-watt star Brooke Castillo, is an awesome way to turn your excuses around to work for you.
Excuse-Busting Exercise

Here is an exercise to do if excuses are ruining your exercise plan.

Pick your top-5 legitimately good excuses that you feel are justified.

Sample: I am way too busy for exercise tomorrow. I have to work, run errands, go to an event – barely time to breathe!

How can I use this excuse to my advantage and turn it into a strategy or strength?
I can use this as an opportunity to prove to myself that no matter how much I do for others or how busy the day is, I will find time for me. I will wake up 30 minutes earlier and run.  This will make me feel proud of myself and less resentful that I don’t have time for me.

Your turn!  Write down your top-5 and chug down the list, asking how you can use this excuse to your advantage and turn it into a strategy or strength.

Take the time to put in the work now, and you will lose the weight.

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