A different kind of practice.

We all have “personal practices” that exist whether we’re intentionally cultivating these personal practices or just going through the motions of our lives, day in and day out. Our personal practices can become daily rituals that flow into our lives with ease to support our dreams and creativity. But without conscious cultivation of personal practices, we naturally default into unconscious practices that contribute to deepen unhelpful patterns in our lives.

At The New South, we constantly play with fresh modalities and practices to incorporate into our existing self-care and current lives. Whether we write, move our bodies, visualize, create or find key phrases to internalize, our personal practices nourish our bodies, stimulate our mental receptivity to inspiration and hopefulness, streamline productivity and connect us to our highest purpose. enliven us.

Our personal practices enliven us to the core.

One unique personal practice that we offer at The New South is something we currently call “Inquiry Yoga.”

Inquiry Yoga releases long-held physical tension through a personal journaling practice while practicing gentle yoga poses appropriate for all human body shapes and sizes.

If you would like to play with adding Inquiry Yoga to your arsenal of personal practices, take a moment to dive a little deeper into how we can unlock long-held body memory to find greater freedom in all aspects of our lives.


The “Yoga” of Inquiry Yoga

The yoga we practice in Inquiry Yoga is accessible for all human bodies, not just healthy, injury-free, or young bodies. The yoga we practice in Inquiry Yoga helps our bodies to recharge and rejuvenate, and to release soreness, tightness, injury, and other chronic physical limitations.

This yoga differs from the yoga we find in most traditional yoga studios and gyms because it is not broken into levels and is not intended to be physically demanding whatsoever (like, at all).

Inquiry Yoga is a fresh way to practice yoga that’s radically restful (and full of personal epiphanies).

The purpose of the yoga in Inquiry Yoga is to tune us into our bodies. Specifically, we tune into the voice of our bodies. This yoga that we practice in Inquiry Yoga re-establishes and deepens our connection to our bodies’ messages which can look like pictures, memories, words, sounds, flashes.

The yoga tunes us into the body-voice which brings me to the inquiry part of the Inquiry Yoga.

Because – the yoga poses in Inquiry Yoga are carefully chosen to support the “Inquiry” aspect of our practice.

The “Inquiry” of Inquiry Yoga

The inquiry we engage in through Inquiry Yoga is as simple as the word implies: we inquire of ourselves. Questions. “Inquiry” means introspective questions, questions that we ask ourselves and then answer ourselves. Or put another way: we ask questions of our highest selves. Or put another way: we ask questions of a higher authority that lives within ourselves.

The Inquiry in Inquiry Yoga invites us to pause, and instead of offering our superpowers of listening, supporting, giving and nurturing to others, we offer our gifts to ourselves to uncover what we need to thrive, to feel supported, to be nurtured, but maybe aren’t currently aware that we need.

We tap into the wild wisdom that lays dormant in our bodies to find our answers about career, love, everything.

The Inquiry we practice in Inquiry Yoga aligns with and complements other self-development and healing practices many of us embrace already, like therapy, coaching, counseling, and the other healing arts available to us (though none required for a successful Inquiry Yoga practice).

Inquiry Yoga teaches us to tune into ourselves and restore our souls via our physical bodies in this fresh and refreshing practice.

What actually happens during Inquiry Yoga?

In an Inquiry Yoga group practice, we explore a theme or idea relevant to our lives.

Stuff we play with includes:

boundaries, communication, healing, handling loss, how (and why) to feel our feelings, releasing past regrets, finding safety, healing our relationship with our bodies/eating, self-compassion, unpacking what our bodies and souls long for to feel satisfied, deep rest, and more.

In class, we explore one question at a time relevant to the Inquiry Yoga class theme. We write down our answers during the class. The playlist of music is very carefully chosen to support this experience.

In a personal Inquiry Yoga practice, working one-on-one with an instructor or alone on our mats, we can bring one personal question to our mats and consciously, intuitively choose ways of laying down, sitting, stretching or challenging ourselves with the intention to hear and learn from our own bodies.

Expect an”AfterGlow”

Beautiful answers witnessed through Inquiry Yoga include:

  • We find out what we deeply want for our careers;
  • We find out what’s holding us back in our wealth;
  • We get some much-needed rest.
  • We find appreciation for ourselves.
  • We celebrate what needs celebrating in our lives.
  • We give ourselves a break.
  • We move past areas in our lives where we’ve felt stuck;
  • We release obstacles from our pasts;
  • We develop the skills (boundaries, communication, discernment) we need to elevate our lives.

Tap into the bedrock of what matters to us. And we find the lightness already present in our lives.

Physical + Emotional Shifts that Stick

Other physical healing may happen through Inquiry Yoga, such as:

  • Heal chronic pain, soreness and nagging injuries.
  • Learn to tune into the clear guidance of our bodies.
  • Become skilled at reading our (and other’s) energy.
  • Release physical tension without it returning.
  • Find clarity in life (that we don’t second-guess) by aligning with our physical sensations.
  • Embrace our bodies.
  • Release back pain.
  • Take important steps to heal from addiction.
  • Move through and past the physical challenges that come with living real life (like, having babies).

Maybe this list sounds impossible, like: how could a yoga class give me this level of breakthrough? While this particular list comes from the lives of men and women who have practiced Inquiry Yoga, every person’s breakthrough will be something entirely unique to what the individual most needs.

We grow.

To grow a tree, you must nourish its roots.

To grow our physical, emotional and spiritual health, we must nourish and grow ourselves.

And to nourish and grow ourselves, we must learn how to nourish and grow ourselves

So, together, we start with our personal practices: we learn how to nourish and grow our very unique selves. Either through Inquiry Yoga or through many other routes that take us deeper toward ourselves and teach us to implement what we found.

We play with this to leanr how to put into practice what we individually need to feel nourished, supported, safe, challenged, loved, excited, successful.

What people say:

Clients of The New South call the results of their personal practices, “Life-changing,” “Impossible to describe but deeply profound and one-of-a-kind,” “A reintroduction to myself and my soul,” “Sacred work that needs to be done to be living a life I was born to live,” “A whole new aspect of myself and the answers that I needed desperately but never could have imagined” “Like finding my voice for the first time” and “Deeply satisfying, fundamentally restoring, my body has never felt better.”

Lighten Your Load.

Maybe you’re a helper who picks up other people’s stuff through your therapy practice or other self-development work in the world. Maybe you strengthen, heal and integrate bodies through teaching yoga class. Maybe you’re changing the world through your identity as an artist, creative visionary, mother.

Our very lives depend on us restoring ourselves on a regular basis for our work in the world, which will always demand almost more of us than we believe we can give.

Join the practice.

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