It’s called “Yoga Fire.”

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It’s called “Yoga Fire.”

This class is brand-new, and incredibly special to me.

It all started one embarrassing Saturday morning, when I walked into a yoga studio for the first time.

I was ten minutes late for class. I was incredibly nervous (I’d thought about going for months). I rolled out the mat I’d borrowed from a friend. I could not remotely keep up with what was being said (I’d never heard the words “downward facing dog” in my entire life, until that day). The class lasted an eternity, it seemed. I considered walking out every single minute that I stayed. It was not until class ended that I noticed no one else was wearing shoes. I had my New Balance sneakers on the entire time.

It was SO embarrassing. Eventually, I went back. Slowly, I began learning yoga.

I took my next step toward this class when I opened my coaching practice in 2009.

I taught group classes on how to have a healthy relationship with food, and with your body, and on career change, at first. I poured myself into those classes. Hours and hours of researching, practicing teaching class to an empty room just to improve, and being willing to make mistakes (there were many, many, many mistakes) all helped me to very slowly learn how to teach a better class.

But I was nowhere near where I needed to be. Fast-forward to last spring.

Meadow came up with yoga coaching as an remedy for the clients who stayed stuck after years of coaching, therapy, and everything else under the sun. When we practiced this yoga coaching, together, my entire life blew up.

And I am eternally thankful.

Not even one year later, I have changed and healed by leaps and bounds compared to the years and years before this.

I study yoga coaching in True North. I practice with small groups in their homes, and in my home. I work with private clients. But I am practicing the Surrender Experiment (see previous posts), and I was asked to teach a larger group.

So, here I am: teaching yoga and a life coaching class in one evening service called Yoga Fire.

This work has been so amazing in my life. I’m incredibly excited to share it. I am a also incredibly nervous to begin this new venture. My first class is this Wednesday evening. (This all blows my mind and feels unreal.)

But why “yoga fire?”

I’m calling my class Yoga Fire, because of how beautifully healing and transformative this yoga-coaching practice has been, for me and my peers, teachers and clients. Yoga Fire is precisely the transformation we experience through the “fire of yoga” called tapas. We have junk we’ve not let go of, and the tapas brings the fire we need to convert the deepest wound into our greatest strength.

Will anyone show up? Can I deliver an amazing class? I have no idea. But I do know that I can deliver the class that is my class, based on my hard-won lessons.

I have crawled on my knees for 100 miles through the desert, and this is where I share everything that taught me, and continues to teach me.

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