2019 events

*Live* The Yoga of Eating

3-5pm, Saturday October 5th

@ The Ivy Yoga School

Charlottesville, Virginia

= Right-Relationship with the Body via Movement and Food =

Yoga has the amazing ability to connect us to the innate wisdom of our bodies, particularly when it comes to how we eat.The mind tells us what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat, with rules about “good” and “bad” foods. Our bodies, on the other hand, intuitively know what foods best nourish us.

Our mindful yoga practice will guide us in a fresh way to experience our mind’s beliefs about food versus our bodies’ intuitions around eating, which may be very different.

After our yoga practice, we put into practice what we observed by sampling high integrity and delicious snacks together.

Through this practice, we nurture our intuitions around how different foods affect us.
We heal and strengthen our relationship with eating to deepen our connection to our bodies, our intuition and even our ability to authentically navigate life.

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SXSW 2019

~ Eat Your Way to A Purposeful Life ~

How Food Delivers You to Destiny’s Door

March 9 @ 1pm, The Four Seasons Austin

The Yale Club

How to Be a Social Entrepreneur

Manhattan, New York

Learn how to make a difference from a place of abundance. Find your niche. Create a strategy for a business that meets your needs and the needs of the world.

April 27 @ 7pm-10pm + Reception to Follow

Tickets $155





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