meet me at yoga church

Here is what I would love:

you and I plan on seeing each other this weekend at Yoga Church.

We would meet there early, like 9:30 a.m. We would catch up on our weeks – what was hard, that situation where you got your feelings hurt, this new nanny I’m so excited about. The good and the hard. All the while, we sit on our mats, waiting for class to start, next to each other (of course) towards the front (I’m proud to be dorky so, of course, I love the front row). We’d have our journals to the side of our mats. Our yoga props – bolsters, blocks, blankets, – all ready for us to play with during class.

You don’t go to yoga very often.

Or, you’re a total yoga-head, like me. That completely doesn’t matter. In fact, that’s probably an advantage if you’re newer to yoga or out of practice. Yoga Church is restorative yoga. Which means we use these props to rest on and feel supported in gentle poses that we stay in for a good, restful time.

Then, at 10 a.m., our yoga teacher and church leader, Meadow, starts class.

You’ve heard me talk about Meadow one trillion times, I know. She’s so, so wonderful. Meadow is a gorgeous human specimen who has brought me so much healing and joy, by being my teacher and friend. I find myself at a loss for words to tell you exactly all of the ways her work has changed me and saved me. To tell someone the truth when the truth is pretty hideous is one of the bravest, kindest and selfless gifts a person can offer. If it is possible, Meadow will die of generosity.

Meadow brings us a story, a lesson, a question, or a poem.

She teaches us a lesson from her life, offers us something that’s inspired her. It’s not biblical, in the sense that it is not from the Christian Bible or any religious text, but it is universally applicable.

If you have a heart, you’ll be able to relate.

The teaching that she offers, we bring into our restorative yoga practice. She leads us through class.  And then, we begin to experience what “peace in our hearts” actually feels like.

Don’t even get me started on the music at Yoga Church.

I have made many playlists for many different classes, many special friends. I play music all day long. I’m an enthusiast. And I am here to tell you that her music is next-level stuff. You would die over the music.

The Yoga Church experience, it’s purpose, fundamentally inspires how I teach.

I’m in school soaking up every single bit.

Every group I work with, I am speaking from my heart and building a community where we can feel safe to be ourselves, like I’ve felt at Yoga Church.

I have found that the steadiest and most steadfast love is always available to us if we’re willing to get present and live in the truth. That’s what I practice and teach. Rather than pretend things are okay, manage perceptions, get lost in worry, or compare our lives to the next person’s, we experience the fiery sun that always gives light and warmth as from a hearth.

Yoga Church is an actual place.

It’s where my school is, where I’m proud to be a student – a few hours north of L.A. and a few hours south of San Francisco lies San Luis Obispo.

(Which means that you and I are not meeting there this weekend.)

So even though we are not meeting up there, on Sunday, I still wanted to tell you what that would be like. To have that place to look forward to going to, to experience what it feels like to lean away from our minds. To experience our feelings and process, real-time, how our bodies are actually feeling instead of hurrying past everything from dawn until bedtime. And from that place, away from our mind-chatter and with an open heart, to sit in the stillness. To actually find the whisper that’s your very soul.

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