New Year’s Workshop :: Unlike Any Other ::

I’m doing a New Year’s Workshop. (!)

It’s unlike all other New Year’s workshops (that I’ve ever seen). Because — instead of setting goals, or choosing a word for the year, or a few qualities, or other versions of forward looking in terms of how to create stuff in your life and how to build…  we’re doing the stuff that needs doing before the looking-forward and building.

We’re setting a foundation.

This workshop is what you need before going for gold in 2014. So, when you do go for gold in 2014, you set yourself up to succeed.

But, only if you want a great year.

Without a solid foundation, a building runs a high risk of crumble. That building is the stuff you want in your life. All of that work in your business, health and personal life can really feel redundant when you have no idea what lies beneath, and you have to start over again and again and again… because the foundation is not so good.

We’ll cover how to check in to see what healthy supports are in place, stuff that it’s time to add, and how to let go of what’s not serving you (and to know what’s not serving you).

You have ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT (until Tuesday, January 7th @ 1PM EST sharp) to sign up for this (free!) workshop that I’m teaching LIVE (over the phone).

Stuff to expect + enjoy includes:

  • You learn that, a lot of the time, your faulty foundation has been to blame for repeat failures of many kinds. Well, that is a relief! Because we can fix that.
  • You get a mixed tape! I made one, for you. I’m mailing a personalized copy to each person that’s taking the workshop — like, in the actual mail. This is apropos of nothing. I just wanted to do it for fun. (This also kind of makes us pen pals.)
  • MIND :: You learn what to ADD to your daily life to uncover your very own Beautiful Mind (and learn the results to expect, like you are confident in your solid choices, you know what you want with certainty, and you get the stuff you want exponentially quicker… plus, just plain old feel great a lot more).
  • BODY :: We cover a fresh and new (thank goodness – healthy can be so boring  and repetitive, sometimes) way to live and eat for physical health… and my NEW sneaky way to get your a$$ in gear exercising.
  • SPIRIT :: The intangibles that fuel you get neglected in modernity. You learn what to ADD, and warning signs for what’s not serving you.


Come and join me!

The workshop has already been really well received (there’s a Pre-Class that’s out already, and a-waiting you, right now).

I’m (obviously) excited. Partially a result of the entire pitcher of green smoothie I just drank. But mostly — the workshop!

Sign up now!

Join me in the best year, yet.

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