Four tricks to unlock your body’s dormant power & creativity

There is tremendous power in our bodies. When we learn how to honor it, harness it and leverage it we heal our relationship with our bodies. And ourselves.

Because, right now, we have a chance to elevateWe can have a new beginning with our bodies, which includes a new beginning with our weight, with what we eat, and with how we feel about our bodies. It truly can all change.

And we’re learning to elevate all aspects of our body relationship to make this change happen.

Let’s start with the Four Types of Power.

Last week, we elevated sovereignty and our bodies – hence, be entitled to your body-rights.

1. the power of reclamation

For most of us as women, and men, too, we don’t think of our bodies as powerful. We may try really hard not to think of our bodies, at all. When we see our bodies as wrong, broken, too big, too skinny, too old, too imperfect. That’s all body-shame. Which is why sovereignty is so, so important: we reclaim what’s ours.

There’s power in that self-acceptance.

2. the power of existence

But the truth is that we’re powerful, just by living and breathing. Our bodies are magic. If you’re a woman, you are equipped to grow a baby and even feed a baby all with just your body. Your body makes baby food. It’s crazy! And if you’re a man, you can ignite the spark needed to make a baby, which is like something out of Hogwarts. Our bodies turn roast beef sandwiches into things like hair, saliva and blood. How is that not magic?? Our bodies process inputs like air and water into energy so we can walk to the car and sends the rest away as waste, but unlike a machine, our bodies are alive. We grow teeth our of our faces. It’s actually kind of freaky. And because we have a brain (we have brains!) we can read these words, reflect on our existence, and angst about our personal style.

Let’s have a moment of gratitude for how powerful our bodies are, just by existing.

3. the power of fighting gravity (and winning)

Beyond these inbuilt powers lurking in our bodies, we have the power of physical strength. If you’re watched a child learn to roll over, wiggle, crawl and many, many months later, witnessed that child walking, you know that our physical strength is hard-won. You don’t need big muscles to be strong. If you can jump, you’ve got power in your legs. You lived for years on this planet before your legs were strong enough to jump.

But the power in our bodies that I find most fascinating is something else entirely.

4. the power of transformation

I watched this Tony Robbins documentary, I am not your guru, many months ago. It’s stuck with me. We witness a group of thousands experience a weekend meant to transform their lives. And, miraculously, we watch the transformation actually happen. A woman released the baggage of sexual abuse that’s weighed her so heavily for her entire life, that nearly brought her to take her own life, in one moment. We watched her future change from dim, trapped, depressed to hope, faith and forgiveness.

How does it happen? How did this woman, all of these people, transform before our eyes?

Because of the power of feeling.

Our bodies have the power to feel. Our bodies feel sad when we see that our child doesn’t need us to hold his hand anymore when he walks down the stairs while our bodies also feeling proud of our little boy’s bravery and confidence. Our bodies carry emotional imprints from events of our past like the move across country, away from our parents, truly leaving home. We miss the dog that was the best friend who’s gone now, every single day.

Our bodies feel all of it. And if we feel it, too and embrace what our bodies feel, we get to change. Transform.

I’m going to take a wild guess, here and say, we probably don’t feel everything that our bodies feel. Not even half of it. We learned to repress the feelings, a long time ago, without even realizing it. Even if we’re yogis and self-aware moms, we’re missing the power, squashing the power of our feelings.

Why? Oh, there are so many reasons. Boys don’t cry! Be a happy girl. We’re taught that some feelings are bad and others are good. Plus, feeling hurts, sometimes. A lot of times. Our feelings carry the power to transform us from a woman filled with fear and regret, into a woman full of joy and freedom and that transformation requires a willingness to experience emotional pain.

Great news, right?? I know, this isn’t maybe what we want to hear. But, what’s the alternative? Haunt a life that we’ve long-since outgrown? Live at home and never move out? Run as fast as we can from our feelings, living a paper-thin existence until we die?

I say, step into the power. Shed those tears. Rage at the man. Own that boredom.

Be empowered to feel. Because you are far more powerful than you know.

Elevate your ability to feel. Own your full power. Transform with us.

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