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Glow Porter //beauty snacks for glowing skin

Product Description

Glow Porter

*** beauty snacks for glowing skin***

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Glow Porter began as a way to cook with my four-year-old daughter, Amelie, in a way we could both enjoy. I wanted snacks that she would eat, that tasted “normal” (as opposed to tasting too “healthy” a.k.a. like cardboard) AND supported her growing body.

With giant boosts for health like lion’s mane, cordyceps, pearl, tocotrienols and more, I noticed a difference in my skin within a matter of days. Plus, I looked forward to cookies in the afternoon and fresh granola for breakfast that filled me up and satisfied the need for yummy food.

We created way more concoctions in the kitchen than we could eat ourselves and began giving food to friends, who began asking us for more and more… and so, Glow Porter was born! We are here to serve our busy community who deserves high-integrity nourishment made with care and creativity.

Everything is plant-based, organic and designed to be delicious first and foremost, and amazing for our skin and beauty from the inside out. Please reach out with any questions about any product details or special orders.

Sending all the glow! xo Laurie

Boost your skincare from the inside out!

Created in collaboration with the Skin Clinic of Virginia!

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