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I keep this record of my life,

through each season, called The Almanac. I’ve uncovered, over years of seasonal record keeping, that every October is kind of an intense month.

Your stuff may be catching up with you, surfacing, exposing itself.

  • Either right now you are raw, raw, raw… or
  • you’re about to start feeling raw, like an exposed, yet exhausted, nerve ending – or
  • you’re inexplicably gaining weight or drinking more because you’re plowing through the weirdness that’s coming up for you.

Consider The Almanac a life-line.


(It’s our seasonal-for-October class, this Thursday, October 9th at 10 a.m. EST) Rather than think there is something wrong with you or that it is completely random (it’s not random) that this month is kind of rocky so far, or will be after tomorrow, pop on by Thursday.

If all of your old patterns are coming up, come hang out with me in The Almanac.

If the past is catching up with you, come to The Almanac. If there’s no really clear reason that you’re discombobulated of late – The Almanac is a great place for answers. But — what will The Almanac do for me, do you say? First of all: just dial in, no cost or anything, at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday of this week – October 9th – and learn what the hell is going on.  Bring your blankets, your tea with honey, your favorite incense or candle, maybe a man playing the steel guitar. It’ll be pleasant. But here’s what The Almanac does for you – meaning, why you care, what are your benefits:

As it turns out, taking time to figure outhow to do October determines the quality and results for the rest of your year.


“Rest of your year” = NOW through the end of next summer… until next October. (Really, joining class is up to you (as are all things). And this has just been consistently true for me, and sure other people – but there is no saying this is true for you. I am not trying to convince you, just to offer something that rescues me, personally.)

But the point is to provide you with a template for your own Almanac to begin noting your larger, annual and seasonal patterns.

Which tell you when to take

the leap.

  • When to stop wasting your time.

When to turn inward and when to kick back (because no one is going to get anywhere, for a spell).

Other results to expect: getting what you deeply desire, feeling better, maybe enjoying a nice aged camembert instead of wheel-grinding and then knowing when to get back in the game.

THINK: general making-of-magic-and-mischief.


Did I mention

The Almanac is like a maze maize for the internet? A virtual hay ride for your soul? [I’m actually just kidding. I dislike both of those fall traditions. But the point is more the experience of The Almanac class – feel better! and learn how to feel better again, later! – than the information passed to you through it – learn the secrets to the universe while earning passive income through your wristwatch (always a false promise, that I tend to fall for). Though of course you’ll get very good information, too.] Come to The Almanac on:

10 am EST Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Check back herehere or here to stay abreast of class details, i.e. the actual DIAL IN. Although if your calendar is out, already:

What is it? The Almanac ~ seasons are athing, and October is intense.

When is it? Oct 9, 2014 10:00 AM (GMT-05:00) US Eastern Time

How do I get there?  Join by phone: +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788 US Toll Meeting ID: 387 426 878 International numbers available:

Your October sets up your voyage these next 12 months of your life, how you want to live it.

(Or — really, more accurately — how your life wants to live you…. 


Come play if you feel like it. 🙂

<3 Laurie


PS – Not to be redundant, but it bears (bares?? too lazy to look up, right now) repeating: this intensity in October sets up how we experience winter. And… the rest of next year. Believe me or don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter to me if I’m right for your life or not. What I want is for you to do yourself a favor and just pay attention to what happens this year, for you, when you either do this October stuff like you mean it (i.e., join me in The Almanac) OR stuff October behind the couch (or down a wine glass or under the squash casserole), and see how the year plays out… whether your year is an adventure, or your year is anything but bland, ordinary and just more of what last year was like. I’m fine, either way. The Almanac is only here as a tool to help, for those into it. KISSES.

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