I remember the very first retreat that I ever signed up for.

I found out about the retreat because I’d stumbled upon a website, and a person behind that website, who wrote and spoke like she was speaking straight to me. I had never gone on a personal retreat before. But, I needed… something. Some support and guidance, maybe. Genuine people and connection. I felt really stuck in my career, and less-than-confident that I was on track in my relationship. Worst case, I decided, I would have a little adventure.

I took the leap of faith.

I booked the retreat. Feeling unsure of whether I really wanted to go, or if I had the guts to go, I shut my laptop and went to bed. The retreat was sold out by the next day.

I went on the retreat, and the experience changed my life. It was perhaps my first, consciously choosen step that led me into and through healing.


Early Winter Yoga :: a restorative retreat


The inn where we’ll stay has just opened up another room for our retreat! We now have two spots available.

Retreating from your day-to-day life provides clarity and perspective in a way that nothing else does. It  you in a way that truly nothing else can. A retreat grounds you. Builds your clarity and strength. There is so much noise in our daily lives that touching down on solid ground can be too much to require of ourselves.

Retreating is an ancient practice.

Stepping outside of your day-to-day life is a safe, compassionate container that people have sought out, that our communities have provided and supported, since the dawn of civilization. Needing a retreat is an ancient yearning.

We go into the mountains, like many, many, many women and men before us have gone into the mountains, for just a handful of days, to see what we see. Find what we find.

To get clear.

When you are able to get connected to your one beautiful human body, you are grounded. You can feel Truth. Through retreating and practicing yoga, you grow your connection to your body, leaning away from the business of your mind.

To experience the benefits of rest.

From this place, you find stillness. Through stillness, you can actually hear the wisdom of your soul.

To experience a joyful heart as you return home.

And begin to see, maybe, that, without having to earn it, you are good. And at the same time, you don’t have to be good.

I put together this retreat with hardworking, soulful women and men in mind.

We will be staying in a reclaimed and restored historical inn along the waterfront of Chattanooga, Tennessee.


We will practice yoga.

Yoga for all levels and all human bodies. We will drop deeply into restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is deep, waking rest. In our practice of yoga, I will teach you a series of lessons, to inspire and instruct you into the most solid ground there is, to lean away from the chatter of your mind and begin to differentiate the honest voice of your body. Through the integration of coaching into yoga, you find yourself separating from your mind, hearing your body, and understanding that you are neither. You’re the quiet watcher, you are your soul.

We will learn new meditations.

Lean into and grow a meditation practice with community support at a retreat. With guidance, meditation, which is simply a practice of dis-identifying with your mind, is actually really fun. All you need is a calm, safe space (like being on a retreat), and support.

We will walk through the mountains.

Breath in air that’s shared with waterfalls that pushed their way through solid rock thousands of years ago to be here. We spend time on the cliffs. Chattanooga is on the water, and in the mountains. All of that beauty cannot help but give you perspective.I lead activities tailored to our group, alongside this backdrop.


we explore the authentic, cool culture of downtown Chattanooga

Chattanooga just got voted the #1 city to live in for the entire USA, by Outdoor Magazine.

It’s on the water (see, above, that’s Chattanooga) and in the mountains. Its downtown is central to all of that. Through the downtown you access riverwalks, hiking access, and an amazingly successful free electric bicycle program — it is just really, really awesome.

And that is where we are staying.chattanoonga_night

this retreat is not for everyone.

This is not Cross Fit or yoga for athletes looking for a new competitive sport. If you need us all to be wowed by your acrobatic yogic feats, you will be sorely disappointed here. You’ll gain TONS from the weekend if you have a robust yoga practice, don’t get me wrong. But this is not a venue where someone’s practice is “better” or “worse” than someone else’s.

You actually don’t have to have ever meditated in your entire life, or even done any yoga, for that matter, to fit in.

Wherever you are in your practice, you belong. If you have a desire to explore, starting wherever you are, you are one of us.

early winter yoga :: a restorative retreat

A retreat is a container. By leaving your everyday life behind you, you enter an experience that is, like I said before, actually ancient. It’s in our bones to walk away from the everyday of life and into the mountains to find answers.

By honoring a need that is natural, you’ve embraced a container. I say, “container.” A container is just a safe space that you allow yourself to step into. With me as your guide, having gone before you many times, we walk together into a container that has been waiting for you. Visiting this space means that now, you know how to find it, when you need it in your life. This is the best way I can describe what has been my personal experience in retreating. I am nourished in a way that is essential to staying connected to what is true, to being myself, to feeling strong, by going on retreats.

Move forward, toward love.

Tentative Schedule

Below is an approximation of what to expect on your days spent on our restorative retreat.

You will get a detailed schedule and packing list as we get closer to embarking on our retreat. Plus, good surprises.


Retreat begins Friday, December 4th

  • Retreat begins at noon, Friday

You drive into Chattanooga. Before checking in, on your way into town, we meet at a central location for a walk in the woods. Beautiful views. Reflection on why you’re here, and grounding into what is reality, what is true, as we set our intention for the weekend. I lead your first meditation of the weekend.

Connect to the natural world to find your connection to yourself.

  • Evening activity :: consciously enter the weekend

You check into the restored inn to get settled. We regroup. I teach on our theme and you take this discussion into your evening, either out to dinner – many options walking distance and onsite – or back to your room for a quiet evening.

  • Turn in early after dinner, talking and laughing fireside, or, resting in the quiet of your room

The weekend is about rest. Learning what it feels like to take care of yourself. Creating space for growing deeper into your yoga practice. Learning to hear the voice of your body. Letting go of anything that is not serving you.


  • Early yoga

We enjoy our own space for yoga in The Library. A private space with lots of natural light. It’s ours for the day. Onsite.

With our morning sessions, breaks for snacks (lots of yummy snacks that I provide for you) and time for learning and integration, you play, really. Yoga and calming your mind and finding stablity.

  • Lunch on your own to integrate what you’re learning through downtime, or hang out with friends

A mid-day break is ESSENTIAL. You will need to peel off, most likely, and relax to let the dust settle, to absorb.

  • Afternoon yoga and meditation at Yoga Landing

After half a day of conscious play through yoga coaching, you’re a seasoned veteran! Seriously. Prepare to amaze yourself as you enjoy your last active activity of the day: my two-hour workshop at the beautiful yoga space around the corner at Yoga Landing. Owned by a kind, generous young couple with a four-month-old baby, Yoga Landing has offered to host our afternoon work together with their local yoga community.

Fresh energy, a fresh location. What’s that saying? “Change your place, change your luck.”

  • Evening activity

This is TBD, depending on our group size, but think something along the lines of a massage or facial.

  • Early dinner on the water, under the stars

Downtown Chattanooga (where we are staying) is on the river. You can dine in any number of spots under the stars by the river or choose to retire to your room.


  • Morning integration practices

We take a very ancient walk. Our first activity offsite since you checked in.

  • Meditation to consciously exit the weekend
  • Exit practices to take what you need into your life
  • Retreat ends at noon, Sunday

All of our activities are dependent on what works best for our group, which means that this is all tailored specifically to who is on the retreat and facilitating your safe space, your retreat container.



“I am not sure whether or not I should do this.”

Internal objections to anything related to self-care – yoga class, rest, asking for help, a retreat – is TOTALLY NORMAL. Honestly, it is way beyond normal. It is to be expected. When you’re doing something new and different, you’re just going to feel kind of like you’re jumping off of the high dive. Even if you’ve been on retreats before, taking action and putting time and money and attention toward just yourself and your overall health is almost always fraught with internal objections.

At the end of the day, the part of you that feels fear around doing something new or different or nourishing is trying to keep you from the possibility of getting hurt by going into something that is unknown. While the intention looks good – keeping you safe – the result is really quite sad: listening to this voice keeps your life small. And choices that keep you small.

Whether or not you choose to come on the retreat, the voice of fear is not the voice of your soul. It’s not the voice of Truth, of Love. And, the fear never goes away, and is never satisfied. Which means this is an opportunity to hear its opinion, but not obey it.

The aspects of you that make objections out of fear are allowed their opinion. They just are not allowed to be the leading voice. Because the voice of love sounds and feels different than the voice of fear. Love wants you to find the support you need. To take a break if you need a break. Love always moves toward healing. Love seeks truth, and wholeness, and service.

And restoring your connection to the love that is always available to you is what this retreat is all about.


early winter yoga

a restorative retreat :: December 4th – 6th, 2015

Cost :: Single Room $855 :: Double Room $750   SORRY NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!

Cost includes:

  • All activities for the weekend
  • Any transportation necessary to offsite activities
  • Amenities and props to facilitate yoga and meditation
  • Accommodations at the inn
  • Snacks and light fare
  • One lunch and one dinner

Does not included:

  • Transportation to the retreat
  • Other meals

Chattanooga has its own airport. Nashville and Atlanta are the closest larger airports and just a couple of hours from Chattanooga.

Come to Chattanooga and deepen your yoga, your meditation and your connection to yourself. Quiet the noise. Find space. Begin a new conversation with yourself.


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The inn where we’ll stay has just opened up another room for our retreat! We now have two spots available

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I have chosen a location and activities that meet my very high standards. They also allow a very affordable price tag for all that you’re getting. I offer this retreat in service of your true path – your dharma. What you gain from the practice of retreating is a fundamental change that alters your course for the much, much better. The fact that this can even be purchased at all is amazing.


Questions?? You can call me. Ask away. Let me know via my contact form if you have some questions and I’ll send you my number.

Don’t delay if this is something you want to do. I’m incredibly excited for this retreat.


Refunds :: I am not able to offer refunds. However, your retreat tuition is fully transferable to someone else who can take your place per my usual policies.