Your Authentic Style: Find It, Own It.

When we’re truly lost in our lives, we need help finding our way.

Take me, for example.

The first time I admitted to myself that I was lost, and unhappy, was the spring of 2007. My life looked great from the outside. But I felt lost. And emotionally, I felt miserable. So, I reached out for help.

But instead of going on and on about my past, let’s talk about the present.

I still get lost. Every single one of us does. And I still ask for lots of help (and I’m not even good at asking for help).

Like, this week. I felt lost. Really, it’s the same issue, every time we get lost: we’ve just lost ourselves.

I got home from the Style Statement Yoga retreat this week. Even as a facilitator, the retreat was really powerful for me. I already knew my Style Statement (which is a two-word statement that captures the core of who we are and how we express ourselves in the world). But I still found so much clarity in the retreat.

This time, it’s like I lost my grip on the fact that I have free will, and that I’m a whole and complete person outside of my family unit.

I get lost as I find my way as a mother with a toddler about to start school. I get lost as a married person: We’re both learning what it means to be a whole person, instead of two-halves of a codependent sandwich.

Right now, as I got lost and re-find myself, I can own who I am in more ways, in louder ways in my life.

And I wouldn’t have gotten here without tons of help.

Our style evolves endlessly. Our “style” is our leadership style, our parenting style. It’s how we move through the world. 

Accept some help, right now. Drill down on your style, the core of who you are, to find the truest aspects of yourself.

How to find and own our authentic style. 

  1. What am I scared to learn about my style? Whether we are afraid of learning how great we are, or that we are very different from who we think we are, today, we often repress key aspects of ourselves out of pure fear. Those key aspects are resources that we need to implement so we can move forward.
  2. Is it worth it to know my style? Consider if we feel we are worth the time, the energy and the investment to identify our true nature, our own unique style. 
  3. How do I express myself? We all tell the truth somehow. Ask, how am I currently expressing my real feelings, my real self? Am I expressing myself out loud, through honest telling of my truth? Or am I expressing my truth through my pain – my obsession with food, compulsive habits, assuming responsibility of another’s feelings? 
  4. What belief do I need to let go of? Maybe it’s that we don’t even have true style, or maybe it’s that our style is not important. But there is a belief in each of us, when we feel lost or unhappy, that is keeping us trapped. There are beliefs keeping us in a space that we believe to be a cage, when really, if we question our thinking, we can see that there is no cage. 

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